The Barrens questing guide a questing guide detailing the best method to obtain and complete quests in the Barrens.

For a list of all Barrens quests in table format (arranged by level), see The Barrens quests.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: This guide is not meant for power-leveling purposes. Rather, it is meant to show a player the most efficient way to complete all quests available for a particular zone. If you know of a better order or method to accomplish this, your input is welcome (in fact, greatly desired). For major changes, feel free to edit, but make a note in the talk page as to your reasoning.

Many of the drop quests in the Barrens can be completed anywhere, so the progression is very non-linear.

Barrens is a huge questing hub for the Horde, serving as the second questing zone for tauren, trolls, and orcs, and a good alternative for undead and blood elves as well. In addition to being a good 10-20 questing area, it even provides some questing through level 25. There are, however, a few disadvantages to questing in this zone. One is the frequent Alliance attacks on the Crossroads, the major questing hub. It is never fun to find the quest giver or wind rider dead when you need them. Another disadvantage is the famous Barrens Chat, which is often full of immature jokes. This can be solved by simply /leaving the chat channel.

The Barrens is a large zone with two distinct questing hubs. This questing guide has therefore been divided into two parts: