This is a questing guide detailing the best method to obtain and complete quests in the southern Barrens. See the Northern Barrens questing guide for questing information in the lower level, northern part of the zone.

For a list of all Barrens quests in table format, see Barrens quests

Note Note: This guide is not meant for power-leveling purposes. Rather, it is meant to show a player the most efficient way to complete all quests available for a particular zone. If you know of a better order or method to accomplish this, your input is welcome (in fact, greatly desired). For major changes, feel free to edit, but make a note in the talk page as to your reasoning.

Journey to Camp Taurajo

The southern Barrens is a good option for characters who want to continue their questing in Thousand Needles, as it usually levels characters up to around the starting level for that zone. In addition, the questing hub Camp Taurajo is less often attacked by Alliance than the Crossroads is (though it is still a frequent battle site). Most southern Barrens quests involve killing humanoids, so it is also a good place to farm cloth. In addition, this area is ripe with ore veins.

This guide assumes characters are coming from the Crossroads and have acquired and completed quests as described in the Northern Barrens questing guide.

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H [15] Chen's Empty Keg Horde  Brewmaster Drohn Ratchet
H [20] Lost in Battle Horde  Mankrik Crossroads
H [22] Lakota'mani  [Hoof of Lakota'mani]
drop from Lakota'mani
North of Camp Taurajo
H [18] Jorn Skyseer Horde  Sergra Darkthorn Crossroads
H Warrior [20] Speak with Ruga Warrior trainer -
  • You will be moving south to a new questing hub: Camp Taurajo. If you are a cook, stop by the tower on the road to Ratchet before heading out and pick up H Cooking [23] Dig Rat Stew (requires 80 skill level in Cooking)
  • Along the way south, find Mankrik's wife for the quest H [20] Lost in Battle. If you follow the road south you will eventually cross a small bridge. Very near the bridge are a group of small huts. Click on the beaten corpse inside one of the huts.
  • The area near the huts and south of the ravine which cuts west to east across the Barrens is home to the rare kodo, Mob Lakota'mani. Hunt him down and kill him, looting  [Hoof of Lakota'mani].
  • Continue south along the road. Along the way, you will see some thunder lizards. Kill thunder lizards in the area until you get a  [Thunder Lizard Horn] for H [15] Chen's Empty Keg.
  • When you arrive in Camp Taurajo, be sure to turn in the quest H [18] Jorn Skyseer and pick up the follow-up.
  • You will be flying back to Ratchet soon, so wait to turn in H [20] Lost in Battle until then.
  • Don't forget to set your hearth to Camp Taurajo, as this will now be your primary questing hub.

Hunting the creatures of the Barrens

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H [15] Chen's Empty Keg Horde  Brewmaster Drohn Ratchet
H [19] Ishamuhale Horde  Jorn Skyseer Camp Taurajo
H [18] Enraged Thunder Lizards Horde  Jorn Skyseer Camp Taurajo
H [24] Owatanka  [Owatanka's Tailspike]
drop from Owatanka
East of Camp Taurajo
H [20] Cry of the Thunderhawk Horde  Jorn Skyseer Camp Taurajo
  • Fly back to Ratchet and turn in H [15] Chen's Empty Keg, picking up the follow-up. On the hill overlooking Ratchet is the dead tree where you can summon IconSmall Raptor.gifMob Ishamuhale. You need to kill a zhevra and use it's corpse by the tree in order to summon him. Once you have defeated him and looted his fang, stop at the Crossroads to turn in H [20] Lost in Battle, then fly back to Camp Taurajo.
  • Turn in H [19] Ishamuhale and get the next quest, H [18] Enraged Thunder Lizards.
  • Head out of the camp and kill thunder lizards until you have collected 3  [Thunder Lizard Blood]. Check the area to the east and south of the Camp Taurajo for Mob Owatanka, a blue thunder lizard who drops a quest item. Then return to the camp and turn in H [18] Enraged Thunder Lizards (and H [24] Owatanka if you have it), picking up the follow-up.
  • Head out of the camp and kill a thunderhawk, which will drop  [Thunderhawk Wings]. Return to the camp and turn in the quest, picking up the follow-up.

The Bristleback

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H [20] Consumed by Hatred Horde  Mankrik Crossroads
H [21] Tribes at War Horde  Mangletooth Camp Taurajo
H [21] Blood Shards of Agamaggan Horde  Mangletooth Camp Taurajo
  • Head northeast of Camp Taurajo to an area similar in look to Thorn Hill, know as Bramblescar.
  • Kill quilboar in the area until you have completed both H [20] Consumed by Hatred and H [21] Tribes at War. Be sure to look any  [Blood Shard] that drop, as you can use these later to get buffs.
  • Return to Camp Taurajo and turn in H [21] Tribes at War. H [21] Blood Shards of Agamaggan will now become available. You should already have at least one blood shard, so you can turn in this quest as well. This will open up a large number of repeatable quests for which you turn in blood shards to receive buffs. It will also open up the quest H [25] Betrayal from Within, which you should go ahead and pick up now.
  • Return to the Crossroads and turn in H [20] Consumed by Hatred when you get the chance. Make sure you have H [33] Egg Hunt while you are there, as you will be doing that quest next.

Field of Giants

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H [33] Egg Hunt Horde  Korran Crossroads
H [24] The Harvester  [Harvester's Head]
drop from Silithid Harvester
Field of Giants
H Warrior [20] Trial at the Field of Giants Horde  Ruga Ragetotem Camp Taurajo
  • Warrior Warriors: Pick up your quest H Warrior [20] Trial at the Field of Giants from Horde  Ruga Ragetotem now. Keep in mind that you have only 30 minutes to complete this quest, so be fast.
  • Head south along the road from Camp Taurajo until you see large mounds on either side of the road, somewhat like anthills. This area is known as the Field of Giants.
  • Search for eggs around the large anthill-like mounds and right click on them to use the  [Digging Claw] and loot the  [Silithid Egg]. You will need twelve of these to complete N [30-35] Egg Hunt. During this time, keep your eye out for the rare spawn Mob Silithid Harvester, which drops an item starting an easy turn-in quest.
  • Warrior Warriors: Check the duration on  [Twitching Antenna] you have collected thus far, as these will only be good for 15 minutes after you collect them. The drop rate is 100%, so you should be able to quickly collect 5 new antennae if needed. When you have all 5, return to Camp Taurajo and turn in the quest - remember if you hearth you can get there instantly, and may not need to collect new antennae.
  • Fly to the Crossroads and turn in N [30-35] Egg Hunt when convenient. Don't forget to turn in H [24] The Harvester to Horde  Jorn Skyseer if you have it.

Bael Modan

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H Cooking [23] Dig Rat Stew Horde  Grub East of the Crossroads
H [23] Gann's Reclamation Horde  Gann Stonespire Southern Gold Road
H [26] Revenge of Gann Horde  Gann Stonespire Southern Gold Road
H [26] Revenge of Gann Horde  Gann Stonespire Southern Gold Road
H [30] The Tear of the Moons Horde  Feegly the Exiled Bael Modan
  • Follow the Southern Gold Road south until you find Horde  Gann Stonespire. Speak with him to receive H [23] Gann's Reclamation.
  • Continue south until you come to a large pit to the east of the road, known as Bael Modan. Follow the path down into the pit and head for the southern part of it, killing dwarves as you go. If you are on the quest H Cooking [23] Dig Rat Stew, don't forget to collect  [Dig Rat] as well. Kill Mob  Prospector Khazgorm <Explorers' League> and loot  [Khazgorm's Journal]. Kill any dwarves you have left to complete H [23] Gann's Reclamation.
  • Return to Gann and turn in the quest, getting the next.
  • Northeast of the pit is a hill with a dwarf hall set into the mountain, known as Bael'dun Keep. Head there and kill the dwarves in the area for their vials of  [Nitroglycerin], bundles of  [Wood Pulp], and samples of  [Sodium Nitrate]. Continue to kill dig rats as you go, until you complete H Cooking [23] Dig Rat Stew. If you are high level (close to 30) and/or in a group, you should pick up H [30] The Tear of the Moons from Horde  Feegly the Exiled, located on the hill south of the entrance to the hall. Be warned that this quest involves killing a level 30 dwarf who pulls with four level 24-26 guards, and is therefore very difficult. If you are not on this quest, be sure to avoid the lowest level of the dwarf hall, as that is where the high-level dwarf is.
  • After you have the items, return to Gann and turn in the quest, getting the follow-up. This simple quest requires you to head back to the ramp leading into the pit. Halfway down the ramp you will see a tower with a flying machine on top - simply use the item Gann gives out at the flying machine to destroy it. The tower is guarded, but not by any large force.
  • Finally, return to the tower south of the Crossroads when convenient to turn in the dig rat quest. You may want to do this after completing the quilboar quests described below, as they also take place in the southern-most part of the Barrens

The Razormane

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H [24] Weapons of Choice Horde  Tatternack Steelforge Camp Taurajo
H [25] Betrayal from Within Horde  Mangletooth Camp Taurajo
H [25] Betrayal from Within Horde  Mangletooth Camp Taurajo
H [25] Washte Pawne  [Washte Pawne's Feather]
drop from Washte Pawne
Southern tip of Barrens
H [24] Chen's Empty Keg Horde  Brewmaster Drohn Ratchet
  • Head south on the Southern Gold Road until you see thorns to your right, an area known as Blackthorn Ridge.
  • Shaman Shaman: The orc shaman Horde  Brine is located on a hill on the north-eastern edge of Blackthorn Ridge. Brine is the questgiver for most of the Call of Water quests, which allow shaman to use water totems. This quest chain begins with a shaman trainer and sends the shaman to several different zones, including Ashenvale and Hillsbrad Foothills. Eventually Brine will send shamans to Horde  Islen Waterseer at the Tidus Stair, south of Ratchet (see Isha Awak section below).
  • While questing in this area, keep an eye out for Mob Washte Pawne, a thunder lizard who patrolls the area. She drops a quest starting item which can be turned in at Camp Taurajo. Also watch out for Mob  Hagg Taurenbane <Razormane Champion> - he is a rare elite who sometimes spawns in the area, and can be devastating to the unwary solo quester. If you have a group, however, it can be quite rewarding to take him down.
  • You have several objectives in this area:
  • Once you have all the needed items, return to Camp Taurajo to turn in the quests. You will receive a follow-up quest to deliver to the Crossroads. Make sure you have the quest H [27] Mahren Skyseer before leaving Camp Taurajo, as you may not be returning.

Isha Awak

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H [27] Mahren Skyseer Horde  Jorn Skyseer Camp Taurajo
H [27] Isha Awak Horde  Mahren Skyseer Tidus Stair

Where to go from here

At this point, players are most likely somewhere between level 25 and 30. The best fit for the next questing zone is Thousand Needles, which has a range around 25-35. Other zones are mostly 20-30 or 30-40, which is awkward for characters of this level - either you pick up in the middle of the level range, or you are struggling to complete quests that are too difficult. A few possible zones will be discussed here.

Thousand Needles (LVL 25-35)

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H [29] A New Ore Sample Horde  Tatternack Steelforge Camp Taurajo
H [30] Melor Sends Word Horde  Jorn Skyseer Camp Taurajo

Thousand Needles is an area south of the Barrens. Quests in this area involve quelling the centaur tribes, keeping the Grimtotem tauren in check, and running errands for the racers of Mirage Raceway. H [29] A New Ore Sample sends players directly to the Needles, while H [30] Melor Sends Word requires a trip to Thunder Bluff. There are a few more pull quests available from other zones, so check the Thousand Needles questing guide before heading out.

Stonetalon Mountains (LVL 15-27)

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H [20] Letter to Jin'Zil Horde  Darsok Swiftdagger Crossroads
N [20] Deepmoss Spider Eggs Neutral  Mebok Mizzyrix Ratchet
N [21] Ziz Fizziks Neutral  Sputtervalve <Tinker's Union> Ratchet
H [25] The Runed Scroll  [Runed Scroll] drop from
Alliance  Aean Swiftriver <Alliance Outrunner>
Southern Gold Road
H [29] Horde Presence Horde  Kadrak The Mor'shan Rampart

The Stonetalon Mountains lie to the northwest of the Barrens. Quests there involve killing, looting, and otherwise interrupting Venture Company operations in the area; putting an end to night elf activity on the peak; and curbing the harpies of the Charred Vale. Be sure to pick up the quests N [20] Deepmoss Spider Eggs and N [21] Ziz Fizziks from Ratchet and H [20] Letter to Jin'Zil from the Crossroads before heading out. In addition, if you have a group you can defeat the Alliance Outrunners in the southern barrens to receive a  [Runed Scroll], which provides another quest in the mountains. See the Stonetalon Mountains questing guide for more information.

Desolace (LVL 30-40)

Quest name Quest giver Zone-Subzone
H [32] The Kolkar of Desolace Horde  Regthar Deathgate West of the Crossroads

Desolace is a barren wasteland which lies to the northwest. You can reach this area by entering the Stonetalon Mountains and following the path northwest until you reach Sun Rock Retreat. From there head west through the mountains, and turn southwest once you enter the Charred Vale. You will find a pass through the southern hills which will take you into Desolace. The quests in this area involve killing centaur (and in some cases, befriending them), battling orcs of the Burning Blade, and even fighting demons. Pick up H [32] The Kolkar of Desolace from Horde  Regthar Deathgate in the burrow near the Forgotten Pools before heading out. See the Desolace questing guide for more information.

Other zones

There are many other possible zones open to players at this point. A short list is as follows: