For the Korrak's Revenge version, see H [20-60P] The Battle for Alterac.
HordeThe Battle for Alterac
Start Voggah Deathgrip
End Voggah Deathgrip
Level 20-60
Type PvP
Category Alterac Valley
Experience 9950
Rewards 2g 70s
Next H [20-60P] Hero of the Frostwolf
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [20-60P] The Battle of Alterac.


Enter Alterac Valley and defeat the dwarven general, Vanndar Stormpike. Then, return to Voggah Deathgrip in the Alterac Mountains.


The Stormpike dwarves and their allies have invaded Alterac Valley, and we must drive them out! To win the battle for Alterac, we must defeat their general, Vanndar Stormpike!

You will find Vanndar in Dun Baldar, in the north of Alterac Valley.

Destroy him, <name>, and then return to me.


You will receive:


We will not suffer the dwarves in our home! Fall upon our foes and defeat their leader, general Stormpike!


Well done, <name>! Stormpikes have no hope in this foolish invasion.

Hah! So far, all they've done is get their general killed!


Upon completion of this quest, you can speak to the NPC again to receive the quest H [20-60P] Hero of the Frostwolf .

The Alliance have the same quest A [20-60P] The Battle of Alterac to kill the Horde general, which leads to A [20-60P] Hero of the Stormpike with the same rewards.

In essence, this quest requires you to win AV. You should pick up this quest before you head into the battleground for the first time.

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