The Battle for Hillsbrad is provided as an objective for H [7-30] The Battle for Hillsbrad.


The Battle for Hillsbrad
Journal of Clerk Horrace Whitesteed

The Battle for Hillsbrad

Day 12

We just received word that Southshore has been lost. The Forsaken war machine is too powerful. We are no match for their chemical weapons.

I will attempt, however futilely, to keep this journal updated. I must record these atrocities for posterity.

Day 16

Many of the farmers and residents of Hillsbrad fled. Some attempted to venture east to Arathi Highlands. They never made it. Slaughtered before they reached Thoradin's Wall.

Many went north to seek refuge in Silverpine Forest. They walked right into the heart of enemy territory! Insane, I know, but they claim that the worgen are now on our side.

Last I heard they made it to Fenris Isle. We lost contact with them after that.

Worgen? Could it be true...

Day 19

We knew our time was limited. We evacuated everyone that we could, but Burnside stated that he would go down with Hillsbrad. We all agreed to stand by his side.

Magistrate Burnside, Citizen Wilkes, Blacksmith Verringtan and the farmers, Getz, Kalaba and Ray remain here as well as a few dozen farmhands.

Day 20

The Hillsbrad Fields are no more. Those that did not flee were captured. The Forsaken have declared us as prisoners of war. We are to be laborers at their new plantation.

Day 25

They incinerated our farms and made us watch. Construction begins tomorrow.

Day 40

Construction of their plantation is nearly complete. This place resembles no farm or plantation that I've ever seen.

Day 41

The warden of the plantation, Stillwater, arrived today. He lined all of us up and gave us medical examinations. Nobody knows what's going on.

Day 45

We've started laboring in the sludge fields. They grow poisonous mushrooms in fetid water and muck.

Day 50

I hear screams coming from the Warden's manor. People are starting to disappear.

Day 52

I overheard that some guards talking about the farmers, Ray, Getz and Kalaba. Something terrible has happened to them - of this I am certain.

Day 60

Those of us that remain are scared for our lives. Some of the farmers claim to have seen ghouls running amok at night.

Day 61

A strange turn of events today: a master apothecary from Tarren Mill arrived. From what little information I am able to gather he is here to supervise the operations. Lydon is his name.

Day 62

Master Apothecary Lydon was dragged away by Stillwater's guards. He was yelling and screaming that the Dark Lady would have Stillwater's head for this. What is he talking about, I wonder?

Day 63

I saw them take away Burnside and Verringtan last night. I can only assume that I'm next.

<The rest of the journal is full of incoherent scribbles.>

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