NeutralThe Battle of Ardenweald
Start Lady Moonberry [40.7, 66.5]
End Lady Moonberry [48.7, 43.3]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Chains of Domination
Rewards  [Emblem of Renown] (catch-up only) and one of:
 [Faesworn Barb]
or  [Faesworn Spellblade]
or  [Faesworn Warclub]
or  [Faesworn Gavel]
or  [Faesworn Falchion]
or  [Faesworn Glaive]
or  [Faesworn Warbow]
or  [Faesworn Warmaul]
or  [Faesworn Reaper]
or  [Faesworn Channeling Root]
77g 22s
Previous N [60] Voices of the Eternal
Next N [60] Can't Turn Our Backs

Sylvanas and covenant defenders


Protect the Winter Queen's sigil in the Battle of Ardenweald.

  • Mount the Etherwyrm outside the Enclave [52.8, 89.9]
  • Fight in the Battle of Ardenweald


With the betrayal of Sire Denathrius, and the absence of the Primus of Maldraxxus, we must assume that the Winter Queen is the Jailer's next target.

And we won't let anyone take her sigil!

Ardenweald has endured much, but it is a realm of great and mysterious power. Things aren't always what they seem.

We'll use this to our advantage, no matter who comes for the Queen!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv knife 1h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Barb] Inv knife 1h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Spellblade]
Inv mace 1h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Warclub] Inv mace 1h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Gavel]
Inv sword 1h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Falchion] Inv glaive 1h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Glaive]
Inv bow 1h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Warbow] Inv mace 2h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Warmaul]
Inv polearm 2h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Reaper] Inv offhand 1h ardenwealdquest b 01.png [Faesworn Channeling Root]

You will also receive:


We just barely survived that! I definitely didn't expect THAT to happen.

But it's not over. We can't let our guard down!


Etherwyrms at Oribos.

On accept:

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: Both Ardenweald and Oribos could come under assault. Darion, the Ebon Blade must protect the city.
Highlord Darion Mograine says: We will see it done.
Thrall says: Baine and I will aid them. We won't let the Jailer claim the Arbiter's sigil.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I'm going to Ardenweald with you, Bolvar. If there is even a chance to save Anduin...
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: I understand, Jaina. We depart at once.

Follow the party out to the southern tip of Oribos, where three Etherwyrms await. Covenant troops continuously run up to the left and right ones, mount up, and fly into the gateway to Ardenweald. Follow their example by interacting with the central wyrm to enter the Battle of Ardenweald scenario.

Stage 1: Bumpy Arrival

Mawsworn Realmbreakers flying in Ardenweald

Fly through the aerial onslaught and arrive in Glitterfall Basin.
  • Reach Defense Forces
Lady Moonberry says: Sylvanas Windrunner herself is leading the Mawsworn attack! We can't let her steal our covenant sigil!
Lady Moonberry says: Several night fae have volunteered to disguise themselves as the Winter Queen. These decoys will scatter across the forest to misdirect the Banshee.
Lady Moonberry says: That should keep her occupied until the Wild Hunt can push back the Mawsworn and focus their efforts on her. I just hope it's enough...

Untold numbers of Mawsworn Realmbreakers are flying in near Glitterfall Basin, where Jaina is spamming arcane blasts to knock them out of the sky.

If at any point, the Maw Walker should stray too far from the battle, Mawsworn Abductors will grab them and bring them back to the action.

Stage 2: Deploy the Decoys

Marastar and Seaharper about to use an Animacone to disguise Glittermint.

Use the animacone to transform Glittermint into the Winter Queen.

A group of Wild Hunt Enchanters are seen casting a spell on Sparklepuff, disguisuing her as the Winter Queen.

Niya has special gossip:

The fight has come to our home. We'll do everything we can to protect the Queen.
For Ardenweald!

As does Hunt-Captain Korayn:

We will drive these interlopers from Ardenweald!

The northern entrances are guarded by groups of Sinfall Defenders, Maldraxxi Gladiators and Maldraxxi Lineguards. Here, they make short work of incoming Mawsworn Swarmers. If passed they will urge the Maw Walker to return.

Maldraxxi Gladiator says: We've got this covered! Go help to the south!

Run past Jaina:

Lady Moonberry says: One more to go. Oh, this glamour just has to work!


Speak with Moonberry:

We have to do everything we can to protect the Winter Queen!
Fortunately, I know a lot of tricks that should help buy us time, so we can drive the Maw out of Ardenweald!

Gossip What's the plan?

We're making look-alikes of the Winter Queen, to draw our enemies away from the real Queen.
We're making decoys!
Unfortunately there's only so many of them we could make. And we know that it's a dangerous job. But we're prepared to sacrifice everything to protect Ardenweald.

Interact with the Animacone held by Seaharper and Marastar to empower it:

Lady Moonberry says: The true Winter Queen will be protecting the Heart of the Forest. It's up to us to stop the invaders!
Lord Herne says: The ruse will only distract them for so long. We must end this battle swiftly.

Stage 3: Maw Invasion

Covenant defenders, Mawsworn Raiders, and Maw Portals.

Defeat Maw forces and heal Wild Hunt.
  • Push back Maw forces (0/100%)
Sylvanas Windrunner says: All forces, forward! Find the Winter Queen so I can claim that sigil!
Lord Herne says: Wild Hunt, we ride!
Kleia says: They already fill the skies...
Plague Deviser Marileth says: What a beautiful realm! But where's all the slime? Not to worry, I can rectify this!
Kleia says: Marileth, wait! We must fly together!

Head south into the basin and start taking out Mawsworn Raiders, Gatekeepers, and Interrogators for 4% progress each. Additionally, the Maw Portals guarded by the gatekeepers can also be destroyed for 6% progress. Interact with the Injured Hunters for 6% progress and to gain them as a guardian (Wild Hunt Archer or Wild Hunt Guardian). While on this stage, players gain 5% health every few seconds.

  • Wild Hunt Archer says: Something large looms just beyond those gates...
  • Wild Hunt Archer says: The wildseeds are undefended. We must drive out the invaders!
  • Wild Hunt Guardian says: They keep coming! How many gates can they open?

Stage 4: The Banshee Queen

The Winter Queen?

Confront Sylvanas Windrunner and stop her invasion of Ardenweald.
Lord Herne says: Sylvanas has been spotted near the falls! Now is our chance to strike her down!

Head southwest to where what looks to be the Winter Queen is standing out in the open, as a cutscene begins:

Sylvanas swoops into the area in banshee form and lands in the hero pose on one knee, before getting to her feet, drawing an arrow, and firing it through the queen's heart. The illusion fails, revealing Sparklepuff, a now-dead faerie.
Sylvanas Windrunner says: An illusion. So the Winter Queen sends her loyal subjects to die in her place.
Lord Herne says: You know nothing of loyalty, Banshee.
Sylvanas Windrunner says: It is you who knows nothing, fae. You cannot stop what is to come.

Sylvanas ready to strike

On the other side of the cutscene, Sylvanas stands idle, as a boss-level elite. With the player are Kleia, Lord Herne, Niya, and Hunt-Captain Korayn. Should players wait too long to engage her:

Sylvanas Windrunner says: Well?
Lord Herne yells: Strike now!

Upon entering Sylvanas' aggro radius, she doesn't attack and the player is struck with the Merciful debuff.

Achievement leader sylvanas.png  Merciful — You have not yet shown aggression toward Sylvanas. But the Banshee Queen is only so patient. 15 sec debuff

One of three things will happen. Attacking Sylvanas will cause her to immediately stun the player:

Sylvanas Windrunner says: So, Azeroth's hero has come to play. You will fail yet again.

Alternatively, if the player has completed H [50] Most Loyal:

Sylvanas Windrunner says: You were loyal, once. You should know better than to interfere with me.

If the player doesn't attack, and allows Merciful to wear off, Sylvanas will still stun the player and say:

Sylvanas Windrunner says: You are wise to show restraint. But it changes nothing.

Kleia healing after Sylvanas's attack

Sylvanas jumps back and prepares to enter Banshee Form:

Kleia says: Hold on, I've got you!
Kleia runs forward and casts Kleia's Shield in an attempt to shield the Maw Walker. But she can't defend the fae, and the force of Sylvanas's transformation is too strong, knocking the fae down to 10% health. Kleia runs back and channels Well of Life, healing the gathered combatants for 4% of max health every second.

Stage 5: Air Reinforcements

Plague Deviser Marileth astride a Trained Flayedwing

Mount the Trained Flayedwing to fly to the top of the falls.
Sylvanas Windrunner yells: To the skies! Strike at the Heart!
Sylvanas flies off.
Lord Herne says: After her!
Plague Deviser Marileth says: Hello again! I have many slimes to distribute to our friends up there!
Nadjia the Mistblade, Dreamweaver, General Draven, and Bolvar Fordragon all run up as Marileth lands on a flayedwing.

Hop on the flayedwing to continue.

Stage 6: A Wing and a Slime

Fending off Mawsworn Realmbinders alongside Ysera

Launch slime at the Mawsworn to clear the skies.
  • Slime Mawsworn (30)

Now in the vehicle interface, players have access to one ability:

Inv misc slime 01.png  Projectile Slime — Instant (1 sec cooldown)

Use it to take out the Mawsworn Realmbinders hovering in the area:

Plague Deviser Marileth says: Slime for you! Slime for you!

After a bit, Ysera flies in:

Ysera says: Begone, servants of the Maw!

Take out thirty to continue.

Stage 7: To the Top of the Falls

Fighting Soulburner Fraxin.

Clear Soulburner Fraxin from the falls.
Plague Deviser Marileth says: Oh drat, I'm all out of slimes. I must remember to bring more next time!

The party lands just in time to see Soulburner Fraxin kill Glittermint.

Kleia says: No! She was the last decoy...

Take out Soulbinder Fraxin alongside Draven, Kleia, and Nadja.

Stage 8: Rebirth, in Peril

Mawsworn and Wildseeds

Find captured wildseeds and rescue them from the Mawsworn.
  • Save Wildseeds (4)
Sylvanas Windrunner says: You are willing to sacrifice your servants... but what of the spirits in your charge?
Lady Moonberry says: They're taking the wildseeds! Maw Walker, we must stop them!

Jaina, Shandris, and Dreamweaver join in.

Shandris has special gossip:

Sylvanas is here.
If I see that misbegotten Banshee in the flesh...

As does Jaina:

We didn't see Anduin on the battlefield at all. Where could he be?

Lady Moonberry also has a new gossip response:

Gossip What's happening?
Those evil Maw creatures have stolen wildseeds from groves all over Ardenweald! If they destroy them, those spirits will never get reborn!

Head south uphill, taking out Mawsworn Eradicators and Pillagers on the way to the wildseeds in the area, including Asotera, Might of Earth; Zoukai, Ancient River; Malorandar, Herald of the Dawn; Thynen, Wind of the East; and Darkmute, the Unknowable.

As one is saved, a covenant combatant will run up:

Wild Hunt Guardian says: Well hunted! We will secure this one. Go find more!
Sinfall Defender says: This is one spirit they shall not steal!
Maldraxxi Gladiator says: We've got your back! But they're taking wildseeds faster than we can rescue them!
Kyrian Ascendant says: Every time we save one, even more are taken away!
Maldraxxi Lineguard says: Ready to guard!

Save four to continue.

Stage 9: The Forest Answers

The southern rally point, with the Winter Queen in the background

Summon allies at the Rally Points.
Sylvanas Windrunner says: Surrender your sigil or the wildseeds will perish.
Winter Queen says: A hollow threat from an empty soul.

Just east, near the Heart of the Forest, are ghosts of two Rally Point banners. Inside an impassable barrier, the Winter Queen and Ysera are protecting a large number of wildseeds, with the Winter Queen channeling a Cosmic Starfall to shoot winged Mawsworn out of the sky and kill any ground troops that try to flee from her. Interact with both of the banners.

The northern rally point, with Sylvanas in the background

To the north:

Lady Moonberry yells: Get ready! I sense a terrible darkness looming on the other side of that huge gateway!
Moonberry, Kleia, Dreamweaver, and Draven fly in, holding just short of Sylvanas, who is floating in banshee form, protected by a shield, and channeling something into the large Maw Gateway.

To the south:

Lord Herne yells: The Mawsworn gather for a final assault! All forces, rally to me!
Lord Herne, Hunt-Captain Korayn, Nadja the Mistblade, and Niya run in.

Final Stage: Breakthrough

Sylvanas channeling on the portal

Mawsworn Realmbreakers and Maw Portals

Survive Sylvanas' onslaught from the Maw.
  • Eradicate Invaders (0/100%)

Approach Sylvanas and the covenant forces:

Sylvanas Windrunner yells: Pitiful fae! You've already lost!
Lord Herne yells: For Queen and grove!

Three Mawsworn Realmbreakers pop out of the gateway. Defeat them, then a wave of two Mawsworn Invokers and three Mawsworn Eradicators pop out. Defeat them as well.

Kleia yells: Is this the one you sensed, Lady Moonberry?
Lady Moonberry yells: No... something far more menacing approaches!
Sylvanas Windrunner yells: This ends now.

An elite Mawsworn Destroyer pops out. Defeat it, and a three-minute cinematic plays:

Sylvanas Windrunner widens the Maw portal and a gigantic charred behemoth starts walking out of it. The camera cuts to Lord Herne for a moment as his jaw drops before cutting back to the behemoth, which dwarfs Sylvanas as it fully emerges from the portal. It roars, then grunts in pain and falls to the ground, defeated. Confused, Sylvanas narrows her eyes and looks up to spot Tyrande Whisperwind — in full Night Warrior form dual-wielding warglaives — atop the behemoth's corpse. Sylvanas sighs in annoyance.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Tyrande. I understand you've been looking for me.

Tyrande narrows her eyes in response.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Come, then. Show me Elune's wrath.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Elune gave me her strength.

She leaps off the behemoth at Sylvanas.

Tyrande Whisperwind: The wrath is mine alone!

Drawing her warglaives, Tyrande launches a flurry of attacks at Sylvanas, who in turn dodges, ducks, dips, dives and dodges out of the way. Leaping upward, Sylvanas takes advantage of the few seconds to draw her blades and starts parrying attacks. Tyrande has the advantage, as Sylvanas keeps getting pushed back. With a big blow, Tyrande launches Sylvanas some thirty yards away. Sylvanas rights herself midair and lands on her hands and knees, immediately getting to her feet and launching chains that capture Tyrande.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Night Warrior.

Sylvanas smirks.

Sylvanas Windrunner: I expected more.

Tyrande Whisperwind: I will take your head, Banshee!

Tyrande flexes her arms, dispelling the chains and getting back into her stance.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Just like I took his!

This wipes the smirk off Sylvanas's face, as she whispers to herself.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Nathanos?

The predatory grin appears on Tyrande's face this time.

Tyrande Whisperwind: You didn't know? Your "master" is keeping secrets from you!

Tyrande launches another attack, firing off both warglaives at Sylvanas, which explode at her feet in a cloud of dust. Sylvanas leaps out of the cloud and fires off some arrows in response. As Tyrande backflips out of the line of fire, a horn bellows in the distance, interrupting both combatants. Lord Herne yells offscreen as Tyrande turns to look in his direction.

Lord Herne: They've broken through! Fall back! Fall back!

The Wild Hunt take off at a sprint in the direction of the Heart of the Forest. Realizing, Tyrande hardens her face.

Tyrande Whisperwind: A trick.

Behind Tyrande's back, Sylvanas rockets away in banshee form.

Tyrande Whisperwind: No!

Tyrande gets to one knee.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Elune, it is time.

In Darnassian, she continues:

Tyrande Whisperwind: My life for hers.

A cloud of white gathers around Tyrande as she LEAPS from the ground, instantly outpacing Sylvanas. Sylvanas turns her head back to look for a moment before Tyrande catches her, and the ensuing explosion whites out the sky for a second. Bear-hugging Sylvanas, the two of them crash into the ground, skidding to a stop. Astride Sylvanas's torso, Tyrande pours strength into her hands in an attempt to break the Banshee's neck.

Tyrande Whisperwind: At last.

However, the cosmic tattoos on Tyrande start fading... Sylvanas strains as she lets out a choked breath, then starts smiling.

Sylvanas Windrunner: And yet, the night's power wanes. Once again, she denies you victory.

Sylvanas's hands pull Tyrande's away from her neck.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Mother Moon, do not forsake me.

Tyrande's voice cracks under the strain.

Tyrande Whisperwind: End this!

Sylvanas smirks in response until a shadow covers the area and the flaps of wings are heard. Sylvanas instantly shifts back into her smoke form to launch herself 30 yards away, just in time for Ysera to land and roar at her. Sylvanas, less sure of herself now:

Sylvanas Windrunner: Bask in the dying embers of your goddess's bargain, Tyrande. Nothing lasts.

Sylvanas shifts into smoke form one last time and exits the area. Ysera, still in dragon form, turns around to focus her attention on Tyrande. Offscreen, Ysera shifts back into her humanoid form and grabs Tyrande by the shoulders.

Ysera: Tyrande, can you hear me?

The screen cuts to black.

Ysera: Tyrande?


After the battle

On the other side of the cinematic, outside of the scenario, the covenant combatants have gathered in a large circle around Tyrande Whisperwind and Ysera. Turn in to Lady Moonberry.

Tyrande and Ysera

Shandris has gossip:

At least Tyrande is out of the Maw... on her own terms.
I hope Ysera can keep her stabilized long enough to save her.

On complete:

Ysera says: Rest, my dear one. Fall gently into dreamless slumber.
Ysera channels a spell into Tyrande, knocking her out.
Lady Moonberry says: We should report to the Queen. I pray she was able to safeguard the wildseeds!


  1. N [60] The First Move
  2. N [60] A Gathering of Covenants
  3. N [60] Voices of the Eternal
  4. N [60] The Battle of Ardenweald
  5. N [60] Can't Turn Our Backs
  6. N [60] The Heart of Ardenweald
  7. N [60] Report to Oribos

PTR version

  • When encountering Sylvanas

Alliance/Saurfang-aligned Horde:

Sylvanas Windrunner says: The little hero has come to play. You will fail yet again..

Completed H [50] Most Loyal:

Sylvanas Windrunner says: Do not interfere. I know you are better than that.

We have driven the invaders from Ardenweald. With a most unexpected arrival.

I fear this is not over.

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