The Battle of Thandol Span

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AllianceThe Battle of Thandol Span
Start Thargas Anvilmar [49.4, 17.2]
End Thargas Anvilmar (automatic)
Level 25
Category Wetlands
Experience 3,050
Reputation +350 Ironforge
Rewards 35s
Previous A [25] The Twilight's Hammer Revealed
Next A [10-30] Into Arathi


Defeat Calamoth Ashbeard at the Thandol Span.


I've defended the Thandol Span from being destroyed before, against the Dark Iron themselves. And so did my father, and his father before him...

The only Dark Iron that managed to give me the slip ran straight for the bridge. Something's amiss, and I'm betting when we get there we'll be waltzing right into an ugly trap.

I could use your help, <name>, for Ironforge. Are you with me?


You will receive: 35s You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv shoulder 02.png [Khaz Modan Pauldrons] Inv shoulder 02.png [Khaz Modan Spaulders]
Inv shoulder 06.png [Khaz Modan Shoulderguards] Inv shoulder 02.png [Khaz Modan Mantle]


There's no time to waste! Hurry to the Thandol Span!


And good riddance!

Thandol Span's safe thanks to you, <name>, and hopefully Calamoth is down for good this time.


This fight is a denouement of the Wetlands zone, reprising all of the villains you slew and many of the NPCs you aided.

When you arrive at the Thandol Span, a blue cloud of flame appears, blocking your path. Shortly, Calamoth Ashbeard, arrives in another cloud of blue smoke, accompanied by Yorla Darksnare, Horghast Flarecrazed, Drungeld Glowerglare and Balgaras the Foul.
Thargas confronts Calamoth Ashbeard:
Thargas Anvilmar says: Balgaras?! And the were all dead! What foul trick is this?
Calamoth Ashbeard says: Your petty triumphs have been futile. The power of the Twilight's Hammer is absolute!
Calamoth Ashbeard says: Rejoice, for you shall be first to die. We will sweep across Khaz Modan and burn all to ash.
Thargas Anvilmar says: I don't care how many times I have to kill you… I'll take you all on to save this land!
Captain Stoutfist, Forba Slabchisel, and Shilah Slabchisel walk in.
Shilah Slabchisel says: Aye, and so will we!
Calamoth Ashbeard says: What luck! The offerings throw themselves upon the altar!
Captain Stoutfist yells: FOR KHAZ MODAN!
Forba Slabchisel yells: FOR KHAZ MODAN!
Shilah Slabchisel yells: FOR KHAZ MODAN!
Thargas Anvilmar yells: FOR KHAZ MODAN!
Calamoth Ashbeard yells: ATTACK! LET NONE SURVIVE!
The fight is joined.


  1. A [24] Who Wards The Greenwarden (optional breadcrumb from Whelgar's Retreat)
  2. A [25] Mired in Hatred
  3. A [25] For Peat's Sake
  4. A [25] Longbraid the Grim (optional breadcrumb to Dun Modr)
  5. A [25] The Twilight's Hammer Revealed
  6. A [25] The Battle of Thandol Span
  7. A [10-30] Into Arathi (optional breadcrumb to Arathi Highlands)

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