AllianceThe Best Around

The entrance to Bizmo's Brawlpub
Start Admiral Taylor [89.6, 32.6]
End Barkeep Townsley [69.9, 47.1]
Level 15-35
Category Pandaren Campaign
Experience 118000
Reputation +150 Operation: Shieldwall
Rewards 9g 92s 50c
Previous 950/6000 friendly with Operation: Shieldwall
Next A [15-35] To Catch A Spy


Report to undercover agent Townsley in Bizmo's Brawlpub in the Stormwind side of Deeprun Tram.


We're going to need help if we hope to figure out Garrosh's plans for Pandaria.

I have someone specific in mind, but he will not be easy to convince.

Agent Connelly considers himself retired, but one does not simply leave the SI: 7. We've had an undercover agent following his every move for months.

Currently, he is disguising himself as a high roller at Bizmo's Brawlpub. Something about settling an old debt.

Meet with our undercover agent in the Brawler's Guild.


You will receive: 9g 92s 50c


So you think you are going to talk Connelly out of retirement? Good luck!


Following Connelly has been interesting to say the least. The man is a master of disguise!

Talking him into joining you won't be the hard part, <class>. Figuring out which of these lively individuals is him will be next to impossible.



Taylor will offer this quest once at or above 950/6000 Friendly with Operation: Shieldwall.

On accept:

Admiral Taylor says: Time is of the essence, <name>. Proveditor Grantley may be able to help you get back to Stormwind. Of course, everything has a price.

Said price is 5 Domination Point Commission to purchase  [Portal Reagents: Stormwind] from him.

You may of course also simply fly across the bay to Paw'don Village.

Get close to Grantley:

Proveditor Grantley says: Hey <class>, you looking to go to Stormwind? Travel fast with one of my portals! If you ain't got the commissions, you'll have to get there on your own.

Buy one or not, but get to Stormwind's Dwarven District and enter the Deeprun Tram. On the near side of the two tram lines is a new red light over a path leading down. Run in. Barkeep Townsley is behind the bar. Speak with her.

Can I get you something to drink?
Gossip Are you the agent that is following Connelly?
Barkeep Townsley says: Shhhhh! You'll blow my cover!

You do NOT need to have been invited to the Brawler's Guild to do this quest.


  1. Neutral:
    1. A [15-35] Meet the Scout
    2. A [15-35] A King Among Men
    3. A [15-35] Lion's Landing
    4. A [15-35] A Little Patience
  2. Friendly 950/6,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Best Around
    2. A [15-35] To Catch A Spy
    3. A [15-35] Stirred, Not Shaken
  3. Friendly 4,900/6,000:
    1. A [15-35] He's In Deep
    2. A [15-35] Bugging Out, A [15-35] He Won't Even Miss It
  4. Honored 2,850/12,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Kirin Tor
    2. A [15-35] The Fate of Dalaran
  5. Honored 6,800/12,000:
    1. A [15-35] To Mogujia
    2. A [15-35] The Source of Korune Power, A [15-35] Bad Blood
  6. Honored 10,750/12,000:
    1. A [15-35] Anduin's Plea
    2. A [15-35] Heart Of The Alliance
  7. Revered 2,700/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Kun-Lai Expedition
    2. A [15-35] A Kor'kron In Our Midst
    3. A [15-35] Memory Wine
  8. Revered 6,650/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Ruins of Korune
    2. A [15-35] The Divine Bell
  9. Revered 8,900/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] Darnassus Attacked?
    2. A [15-35] Tracking the Thieves
    3. A [15-35] Jaina's Resolution
    4. A [15-35] Nowhere to Run, A [15-35] Nowhere to Hide, A [15-35] Sewer Cleaning, A [15-35] Unfair Trade, A [15-35] Cashing Out
    5. A [15-35] What Had To Be Done
  10. Revered 14,500/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Harmonic Mallet
    2. A [15-35] The Monkey King
    3. A [15-35] The First Riddle: Mercy, A [15-35] The Second Riddle: Fellowship, A [15-35] The Third Riddle: Strength
    4. A [15-35] The Greatest Prank
  11. Revered 18,500/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Handle, A [15-35] The Head, A [15-35] The Harmonic Ointment
  12. Exalted:
    1. A [15-35] The Bell Speaks
    2. A [15-35] Breath of Darkest Shadow
    3. A [15-35] The Silence

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