NecrolordThe Better Part of Valor

Balmedar's Portal
Start Balmedar
End Baroness Draka [49.7, 50.7]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Necrolord Campaign
Experience 14,200
Rewards  [Acolyte's Guise]
 [Emblem of Renown]
77g 22s
Previous N [60] The Traitor Unmasked
Next N [60] Mobilize Maldraxxus


Return to the Seat of the Primus.


We now have no choice but to make a strategic retreat. Kel'Thuzad is far too fortified within the necropolis, and if Ninadar is his ally, then the House of Rituals is firmly in his grasp.

It will take nothing short of an army to save the margrave now.


You will receive:


The margrave has been captured? So Kel'Thuzad has seized control of the house!

This changes things.


On accept:

Balmedar says: This portal will take us to the Seat of the Primus. I suggest you use it.
He creates Balmedar's Portal.
Balmedar says: Unless, of course, you prefer to fight your way out of here.
He leaves through the portal.

Take the portal to get back to the Bleak Redoubt just in front of the Seat, wherein Balmedar is waiting with Draka, Vashj, and Alexandros.

This concludes the "The House of Rituals" chapter of the  [Necrolords Campaign]. The storyline continues at [Renown] level 21, starting with N [60] Mobilize Maldraxxus.


  1. N [60] House of Rituals
  2. N [60] The Wayward Baron
  3. N [60] Playing Favorites, N [60] Pilfered Power, N [60] Burying Suspicion
  4. N [60] A Fitting Guise
  5. N [60] The Pupil Returns
  6. N [60] The Baron's Plan
  7. N [60] Mistress of Tomes
  8. N [60] Cantrip Collections, N [60] Errant Enchantments
  9. N [60] The Hall of Tomes
  10. N [60] Necessary Ingredients
  11. N [60] Heart of the Forest, N [60] Cage Free Spores
  12. N [60] The Final Reagent
  13. N [60] Explosive Schemes
  14. N [60] No Crate Unturned, N [60] Blinding the Brokers
  15. N [60] Designed to Fail
  16. N [60] Caught in the Act
  17. N [60] Improvised Implements
  18. N [60] A Helpful Hand
  19. N [60] The Traitor Unmasked
  20. N [60] The Better Part of Valor

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