NeutralThe Big Bad Wolfe
Start Nikki the Gossip
End Nikki the Gossip
Level 10-45
Category Rogue Campaign
Experience 15,200
Rewards 15g 80s
Previous N Rogue [10-45] The School of Roguery
Next N Rogue [10-45] What Winstone Suggests


Use the Scouting Map and complete the mission, "Campaign The Big Bad Wolfe".


You've heard of Winstone Wolfe, right? Of course you have. Who hasn't?

So, while you were off gabbin' with the headmistress, Lord Ravenholdt graced me with his presence. In the flesh. I didn't think he ever came out of that chamber.

Anywhoodles, he more than suggested, in that way of his, that we send Garona, Vanessa, and our new merry gang of bandits off to have a little chat with The Wolf at Ravenholdt Manor.

Just make sure they're nice and civil, or that's the last we'll see of them.


You will receive:

  • 15g 80s
  • 15,200 XP


How'd the trip out to Ravenholdt Manor go?



<Nikki wipes her brow with a sense of relief.>

Whatever we offered him, I'm glad he was agreeable. I can tell you if he wasn't happy, I'd be on the first flight off this rock for sure.


Quest accept
Nikki the Gossip says: Just make sure to tell everyone to be real nice to him. Otherwise, we might all wake up dead tomorrow. Ya know what I mean?


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