AllianceThe Big Boom
Start Halford Wyrmbane
End Halford Wyrmbane
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Alliance War Campaign
Experience 17,850
Reputation +150 7th Legion
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [120] Report to Wyrmbane
Next A [50] Blood on the Sand


Speak with Explosioneer Zoidfuse to initiate the Vol'dun Explosion Protocol.

  • Initiate the Vol'dun Explosion Protocol


Still, we've placed all those explosives, and there's nothing stopping us from detonating them and laying waste to the Horde's excavations.

Speak with Zoidfuse when you're ready, and we'll get this explosive gnome tech going!


You will receive:


Whenever you're ready.


Ha ha! That should set the Reliquary back a few months.


Speak with Zoidfuse:

It's IMPERATIVE that we send the ignition commands from a position with line-of-sight on all explosion locations. Unfortunately, I need to manually verify all parameters are correctly set, and that cannot be done from anywhere but here.
The short version: we need you to get in the flying machine and press the big red button when I tell you to.

Gossip Push the big red button when you tell me to. Got it.

Explosioneer Zoidfuse says: Um, is this thing on? Hello? Ok.
Explosioneer Zoidfuse says: Radio check. This is Alpha 1. Address group, alpha squadron. Do you read me? Over.

Hit the "Calibrate Comm Channel" button:

Explosioneer Zoidfuse says: Roger! Yes! Calibration complete. All of you must orient the instruments in very specific locations. Contact me when they're in place. Over.

Hit the second button:

Explosioneer Zoidfuse says: Authentication code is one-niner-niner. Instrument alignment is outside acceptable parameters... Belay that... I can make this work. Sit tight, over.
Explosioneer Zoidfuse says: Execute to follow. See that big red button? Yeah, get clear of the area and DO press the big red button. Execute when ready. Over.

Hit the big red button:

Explosioneer Zoidfuse says: Hah! Confirmed. Mission success. Perfection incarnate! I love it when a plan comes together. Over and out.


  1. A [120] Overseas Assassination
  2. A [120] The Vol'dun Plan
  3. A [120] Comb the Desert
  4. A [120] Dirty Work
  5. A [120] Keep Combing
  6. A [120] Classic Reliquary
  7. A [120] Never Stop Combing
  8. A [120] Improvised Survival & A [120] A Message to the Zandalari & A [120] They Have Alpacas Here
  9. A [120] Splitting Up
  10. A [120] Full of Arrows & A [120] Delayed Deathification
  11. A [120] Report to Wyrmbane
  12. A [120] The Big Boom
  13. A [50] Blood on the Sand

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