NeutralThe Blade of the Primus

Heirmir forging the blade
Start Bonesmith Heirmir [36.3, 71.1]
End Bonesmith Heirmir [36.3, 71.1]
Level 52 (Requires 52)
Category Maldraxxus
Experience 10,650
Rewards [Fleshcraft]
48g 67s 20c
Previous N [52] Ossein Enchantment, N [52] Thick Skin
Next N [52] The Path to Glory


Help Bonesmith Heirmir forge your runeblade.


That's everything I need. Time to get to work.

I'd stay close, if I were you. Forging a weapon is never a simple task when the Primus's handiwork is involved.

If he taught me anything, it was to expect the unexpected.


You will learn: [Fleshcraft]

You will receive:

  • 48g 67s 20c
  • 10,650 XP


Stay close, now.


The Primus was always fond of his trials. It seems you've passed this one. Well done.


On accept:

Bonesmith Heirmir says: Well? Are you ready to start or not?

Speak with Heirmir again:

Everyone always has need of the forge. New weapons, new armor. They should learn to properly maintain their equipment instead.
Gossip I am ready to start forging a rune weapon.
Bonesmith Heirmir says: The Primus may have taught me a lot about the forge, but I've learned a thing or two myself since then!
Heirmir places the blade on her anvil and starts hammering on it. Necromantic energy starts swirling around the area.
Bonesmith Heirmir says: Ah, he enchanted the blade. Of course he did. You might want to get ready for a fight.

An Ephemeral Necromage and an Ephemeral Warrior spawn. Defeat them:

Bonesmith Heirmir says: Keep those things off me while I work! This is a test of your skills as well as mine!

Three Fragmented Echoes spawn. Defeat them:

Bonesmith Heirmir says: Just how many souls did he forge into this thing?!

The Guardian of the Blade spawns:

Bonesmith Heirmir says: The enchantment's final guardian! Vanquish it and claim your runeblade!

Defeat it:

Heirmir gets blasted away from the anvil as the finished Glowing Runeblade starts hovering in the air.
Voice of the Primus whispers: The ambition to rise above all others.
Bonesmith Heirmir says: Gah! Well, I forged it... but clearly you are the only one meant to wield it. Go on, then.

Loot it, and a small cutscene plays as the camera tracks around to zoom in on the player holding the sword aloft with a rune hovering above it.

Bonesmith Heirmir says: Looks like taking up the blade empowered one of its runes. Knowing the Primus, that's just the start of something more.


  1. N [52] The First Act of War
  2. N [52] The Hills Have Eyes and N [52] Maintaining Order
  3. N [52] Never Enough
  4. N [52] Through the Fire and Flames
  5. N [52] Forging a Champion
  6. N [52] Ossein Enchantment and N [52] Thick Skin
  7. N [52] The Blade of the Primus
  8. N [52] The Path to Glory
  9. N [52] Meet the Margrave
  10. N [52] The Seat of the Primus

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

All right. You got everything I need. Now it's time to work my magic.

Stay near, won'tcha? This blade has a strange feeling about it.

If my master taught me anything, it's to expect the unexpected.


What a mess! Ah, well. 'Least you got what you came for, huh?

Heirmir's gossip
Everyone just wants more armor or more siege weapons. Maybe if we didn't keep goin' to war with ourselves, we'd have better equipment.
Voice of the Primus' whisper
Voice of the Primus whispers: The ambition to rise above your foes.

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