NeutralThe Blood God Hakkar
Start Lord Itharius
End Lord Itharius
Level 20-30 (Requires 20)
Type Dungeon
Category Temple of Atal'Hakkar
Experience 5900
Rewards 3g 27s
Previous N [20-30D] The Heart of the Temple


Kill the Avatar of Hakkar.

Provided item:


Hakkar... The mere mention of The Soulflayer's name will send many running. In the Sanctum of the Fallen God the Atal'ai have recovered a significant portion of his skeleton and seek to restore him to life. Already his children have begun to show up in the area.

Place this egg in that sanctum, and it will force his summoning prematurely. <name>, do not hesitate. Strike once his avatar appears!


You have successfully stopped Hakkar here, but I fear we are far from done. The Atal'ai transported most of the blood they produced to Zul'Gurub, where the Hakkari work to summon The Blood God there.

<name>, I do not think that this was ever meant to be the place of Hakkar's arrival - it was merely a test to see if the blood was potent enough! Hakkar can only be summoned in Zul'Gurub...and I fear we may be too late to stop the Hakkari with the blood they now have in their possession.


You will receive: 3g 27s

Patch changes


Even after the dungeon re-design in Cataclysm, the quest description still mentioned killing the Hakkari blood drinkers and using their blood to dowse runes. This was necessary for the quest N [53D] The God Hakkar before patch 4.0.3a, but it is no longer necessary for this quest. The quest text was likely copied and pasted from the earlier quest by Blizzard without being updated. This has since then been fixed.

The Egg of Hakkar will not be removed from the player's inventory once the quest has been completed and can be used to summon Avatar of Hakkar during further runs of the Sunken Temple. There is no way to re-acquire the Egg of Hakkar and summon Hakkar after completion of this quest if it has been destroyed by the player.

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