NeutralThe Bonemother
Start Minerva Ravensorrow
End Highlord Darion Mograine
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Death Knight Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Death knight [45] From Bones They Rise
N Death knight [45] Thorim's Flame
Next N Death knight [45] On Daumyr's Wings


Light Thorim's Beacon at Thorim's Peak to raise Daumyr. Defeat her and raise her from death.

  • Thorim's Beacon lit
  • Daumyr slain
  • Daumyr risen
  • Daumyr ridden to Acherus


It's time to call the mother, the true reason we came. She is strong, her sheer will and strength allowing her to face this peak in order to watch over the remains of her brood. While the Thorignir is a grand sight, I like my dragons a little more bony. She must die first.

Remember the pyre where we met? She is its guardian, as the spirit was at the peak. If we light it, she will come.


You will receive:

  • 19g 40s
  • 16,450 XP


The broodmother still watches, Deathlord.


That was quite the entrance, Deathlord.


Beacon lit
Minerva Ravensorrow lights the beacon.
Minerva Ravensorrow says: And now we wait. This fight will be glorious!
Daumyr flies down.
Minerva Ravensorrow says: Allow us to guide you to undeath!

After killing her, use the Raise Daumyr extra action button.

Daumyr risen
Minerva Ravensorrow says: Welcome to our service, Daumyr! Hop on, Deathlord. It's time to return to Acherus.
Ride Daumyr to Acherus
Minerva Ravensorrow says: Now that Daumyr and her brood are ours, the tide is about to turn!
Minerva Ravensorrow says: Don't get me wrong... the Four Horsemen are most impressive. But giant undead dragons...
Minerva Ravensorrow says: When the demons catch sight of our brood, they may well die of fright!
Minerva Ravensorrow says: And if not, I'll happily hack them to pieces with my axe. Either way, no skin off my back!
Minerva Ravensorrow says: ...If my back had any skin left, that is.
Minerva cackles.


  1. N Death knight [45] Making Preparations
  2. N Death knight [45] Severing the Sveldrek & N Death knight [45] Harnessing Power
  3. N Death knight [45] Return to Acherus
  4. N Death knight [45] The Peak of Bones
  5. N Death knight [45] From Bones They Rise & N Death knight [45] Thorim's Flame
  6. N Death knight [45] The Bonemother
  7. N Death knight [45] On Daumyr's Wings
  8. N Death knight [45] We Ride!
  9. N Death knight [45] Champion: Minerva Ravensorrow

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