NeutralThe Brass Compass
Start Fleet Master Seahorn
End Fleet Master Seahorn
Level 40 (Requires 40)
Type Heroic
Category Iron Docks
Experience 15070
Rewards  [Plundered Booty]
15g 40s
Next N [40] The Search Continues

The Brass Compass is about locating and looting a  [Strange Brass Compass] and killing the end boss Skulloc in Iron Docks. To Receive the quest you need to have built an Lunarfall Inn/Frostwall Tavern in your Garrison and wait for Fleet Master Seahorn to spawn. Is part of the  [Stay Awhile and Listen] Achievement. Next time Fleet Master Seahorn visits your inn/tavern he will offer the daily quest N [40] The Search Continues if you already completed The Brass Compass.


Find the Brass Compass at the Iron Docks.


Greetings, commander. I have come on a mission directly from the captain.

Aboard any vessel on Azeroth that's manned by at least one orc, you'll hear sea shanties sung about a device capable of navigating the broad, rough ocean of Draenor. The orcs used it to keep their heading true in the choppiest of storms.

Perhaps it's just an old sea tale, but this one chance to find that kind of prize has the captain willing to part with some fine treasure.


You will receive: 12g 40s
Trade archaeology chestoftinyglassanimals.png [Plundered Booty]


Did you find the compass?


This might just be what we were looking for. Here's your booty.

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