AllianceThe Brothers Bronzebeard
Start Brann Bronzebeard
End Velog Icebellow
Level 25-30
Category Storm Peaks
Experience 37000
Reputation +500 Explorers' League, +500 The Frostborn
Rewards  [Ring of the Northern Winds],  [Jagged Ice Band],
 [Amberglow Signet], or  [Iceforged Battle Ring]
Previous A [25-30] The Master Explorer
Next N [25-30 Daily] Pushed Too Far

In this quest the player jumps in Brann's flying machine, while he flies it to Frosthold, the player must defend it against the iron dwarves as they attempt to fly to the hold.


Accompany Brann Bronzebeard and his flying machine to Frosthold.

  • Accompany Brann Bronzebeard to Frosthold.


That does it! We finally have the keystone... It's beautiful! I've been around the world more than once, but this thing's got me all jittery with excitement again. I suppose now's not the time to stop and admire though, we need to get the heck out of here.

Hop on my flying machine and help keep us covered from those iron dwarves on the way out!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv jewelry ring 54.png [Ring of the Northern Winds] Inv jewelry ring 57.png [Jagged Ice Band]
Inv jewelry ring 33.png [Amberglow Signet] Inv jewelry ring 35.png [Iceforged Battle Ring]


My pardons, <lad/lass>! I got all caught up in tha moment and I neglected ye entirely.


King Stormheart sends his most sincere thanks for reuniting him with his brothers. It seems he's off to settle a score now - perhaps you'll meet with him again on Arthas's doorstep.


The brothers Bronzebeard, reunited

Accept the quest and hop on Alliance Brann's Flying Machine. Mob Stormforged Soldiers will jump from the edge and land on the other wing. Kill them before they do too much damage to the plane.

Upon landing at Frosthold, wait for the reunion scene (below) to play out completely. Once it does, the quest objective will be complete.

Brann Bronzebeard says: I can't thank you enough for all of your help in putting together the keystone. Great things will come of this, I assure you.
Brann Bronzebeard says: Iron dwarves... everywhere.... they're making their way down from the top. They certainly are persistent.
Brann Bronzebeard says: They're trying to take down the plane! I can't pull up any steeper... you need to keep them off of us!
Brann Bronzebeard says: There are more just ahead - keep at it!
Brann Bronzebeard says: We're almost out... just a little bit farther.
Brann Bronzebeard says: Barring stray boulders from those giants, we should be clear... it seems a mess from down there though.
Brann Bronzebeard says: Their numbers are unbelievable... I'm glad to hear King Stormheart came to your aid. I only hear good things of him - I think it's high time we meet.
Brann flies over Creteus' corpse, surrounded by iron dwarves.
Brann Bronzebeard says: Poor Creteus. He was a good keeper... I'm glad he at least got to see his task to completion, I imagine that's all that really mattered to him.
Brann Bronzebeard says: We're coming up on Frosthold. I would be very appreciative if you would introduce me to King Stormheart before you go. I believe we are both very much in his debt.
Brann lands and both dwarves walk up to each other. Brann pauses for a moment as he looks Yorg over.
Brann Bronzebeard says: By all the gods... it can't be... Muradin?!
Yorg Stormeheart says: What's that? You talkin' to me, lad?
Brann Bronzebeard says: Come on boy, there's no mistak'n it - it's definitely you. Don't ya recognize your younger brother?!
Yorg Stormeheart says: My brother... yes... I do have brothers...
Muradin clutches his head and reels for a moment as the memories rush back to him.
Yorg Stormeheart says: ...Brann?
Brann Bronzebeard says: I can't believe this! You were dead! All accounts said so... what happened, Muradin. How did you get here?
Yorg Stormeheart says: I... I dun know, Brann. I've been 'ere a long time... all I 'ave of me life before this place are flashes and nightmares.
Yorg Stormeheart says: It's good te see you though, brother. More than words can say.
Brann Bronzebeard says: Indeed! Magni will be so happy to see you too! He's gotten nothing but bad news for a long while now, but this changes everything!
Brann Bronzebeard says: He's here in Northrend brother, looking for you. A seer in Wintergarde brought word that you were not dead, and he left Ironforge immediately to come find you.
Magni Bronzebeard yells: Look Lagnus, I consider you a capable man, but my patience is wearing thin. I know that Muradin is here, can you point me to him or not?!
Brann Bronzebeard says: Speaking of which...
Brann and Muradin turn toward the path down into the hold, as Magni comes up the rise.
Magni Bronzebeard yells: Brother! There you are! I can barely believe my eyes... you're alive!
Magni runs over to his brothers and stands to Brann's right, as the two face Muradin.
Yorg Stormeheart says: Magni! Forgive me, the memories are comin' back slowly, brother.
Magni Bronzebeard says: It's so good to see you again, Muradin. And what's this I heard about you being a King in your own right now? The Bronzebeards were always destined to greatness.
Yorg Stormeheart says: The frostborn have been very good to me. They're strong people.
Magni Bronzebeard says: So it seems! And you haven't lost any muscle yourself. Do you remember anything of what happened, Muradin? Fate as turned ill in your absence.
Yorg Stormeheart says: Not much, Magni. I've had nightmares of a human... tall... light hair... death black armor. His name rests on the tip of me tongue, but...
Yorg Stormeheart says: ...Arthas.
Magni nods.
Magni Bronzebeard says: He's not the boy of your memories anymore, Muradin. He's become something else entirely.
Yorg Stormeheart says: Aye, I know. I watched him turn... I watched him give up all that was right and I didn't lift a hand... I didn't even consider it until it was too late.
Brann Bronzebeard says: That's in the past, Muradin. Regrets won't change anything.
Yorg Stormeheart says: No... no they won't. But I can make this right... I have te. I'm goin' after the boy. I'll make'm answer for everything he's done.
Magni Bronzebeard says: Are you sure Muradin? I just got you back after years of thinking you were dead. I do not want to lose you again.
Yorg Stormeheart says: I'm sure, Magni. I'll see this through, don't ya worry.
Magni Bronzebeard says: So be it then. I have to return to my people, brothers. Come back to me in one piece.
Brann Bronzebeard says: Aye, be safe Muradin. I'd join you, but I'm on top of the most amazing discovery the world has yet seen. I can't abandon it now.
Yorg Stormeheart says: Go Brann. Bring me back an epic tale when we meet again. Farewell for now, brothers.
Muradin bows and turning, starts walking away.
Magni Bronzebeard says: ...farewell brother.
Magni and Brann turn around and also walk away. Muradin walks on to Velog Icebellow, who is now standing in "Yorg's" place. They face each other for a few moments, apparently talking. Muradin then walks over to Fjorlin Frostbrow and despawns; he left his  [Storm Hammer] with Fjorlin and then it seems he flew away from Frosthold on a Stormcrest Eagle.


  1. A [25-30] On Brann's Trail
  2. A [25-30] Sniffing Out the Perpetrator
  3. A [25-30] Pieces to the Puzzle
  4. A [25-30] Data Mining
  5. A [25-30] The Library Console
  6. A [25-30] Norgannon's Shell
  7. A [25-30] Aid from the Explorers' League
  8. A [25-30] The Frostborn King
  9. A [25-30] Fervor of the Frostborn
  10. A [25-30] An Experienced Guide
  11. A [25-30] The Lonesome Watcher
  12. A [25-30] Fate of the Titans
  13. A [25-30] The Hidden Relic
  14. A [25-30] Fury of the Frostborn King
  15. A [25-30] The Master Explorer
  16. A [25-30] The Brothers Bronzebeard
  17. N [25-30 Daily] Pushed Too Far

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