The Burning Corridor

The Burning Corridor is an area within the Bastion of Twilight.


Gauntlet starts
  • Cho'gall yells: Brothers in chaos, the Twilight has come! (Shadows lengthen, endless night.) Deathwing has sundered this world. (Doors once opened never close.) So that its true Lords may return. (The Master comes, He comes He comes.)
  • Cho'gall yells: You are his chosen ones. (He calls you, he knows you). Born of flesh- (flesh) purified by blood- (blood) destined for immortality!
Encourage his minions
  • Cho'gall yells: Heed His call! Cast down the heretics!
  • Cho'gall yells: Brothers of the Hammer, to me! (Their will is still their own.) The unbelievers still stand. Destroy them! (Crush their bodies, crush their will.)
  • Cho'gall yells: High Priests of The Hammer, your chosen hour is at hand! (Show them; Show them their end!) Ensure the heretics come no further! (Blood for the Master! Blood for the Master!)
Gauntlet ends
Cho'gall yells: Mortals, you merely separate the wheat from the chaff. (Unworthy; unworthy.)