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Blade's Edge Mountains[]

The harsh winds that rip through the canyons of Blade's Edge have, over time, worn the bordering escarpments into menacing, dagger-like spikes that lend the region to its name. This foreboding realm is also the homeland of the brutish ogres, who wage constant, fierce battles against one another to gain the favor of their merciless gronn masters.[1]

Hellfire Peninsula[]

Once a lush and verdant land, the Hellfire Peninsula is now a dry, barren wasteland rendered lifeless by the dark practices of orc warlocks. It is here that the Dark Portal stands, cementing the peninsula's place in history as the site of many pitched battles between the Alliance and Horde. The nefarious Burning Legion has gathered here also, using the area as a staging ground for its apocalyptic crusade.[2]


Nagrand is the last unscarred region in Outland. It is the ancestral home of the orcs and the heart of early orcish shamanism. Today it is a fertile retreat where elementals commune with mortals on a regular basis. Marauding ogres from the Blade's Edge Mountains, meaning to claim the territory as their own, currently pose the greatest threat to this unspoiled reserve.[3]


The region of Netherstorm was a verdant open range called the Fields of Farahlon until Draenor was ripped apart. Normally imperceptible to mortals, the Twisting Nether bled into the physical realm and unleashed a tumultuous arcane storm that warped the surrounding territory. The blood elves are now using the technology of a captured naaru vessel to harness the storm's magic, further compromising the already unstable land.[4]

Shadowmoon Valley[]

This valley is a grim spectacle of demonic magic run amok. Day and night, molten fel energy erupts from the land and lights the sky with bilious green flame. To the east lies the Black Temple, Illidan Stormrage's seat of power. With the Dark Portal reopened, Illidan and his allies struggle to hold off Legion reinforcements and keep all other Outland portals closed.[5]

Terokkar Forest[]

New hope has come to this ancient forest. Aided by the benevolent naaru, a group of draenei has rebuilt Shattrath City. The city has since thrown open its doors to welcome refugees of many different races from all over Outland. Yet the past has not left this area unmarked. To this day, only adventurers and graverobbers visit the haunted subterranean ruins of Auchindoun.[6]


Zangarmarsh is a tranquil area that has largely evaded the demonic influence. The marsh's innumerable lakes and pools are clean of any taint, and most native animals and fungi give off soothing phosphorescent light. Only recently has the area's self-contained ecology faltered. Something is causing the water levels to drop. The marsh's giant mushrooms are dying, as are the creatures that rely upon the mushrooms for food.[7]


The Aldor[]

The Aldor are an ancient order of draenei priests who revere the naaru, and to this day they assist the naaru known as the Sha'tar in their battle against Illidan and the Burning Legion. Though they have suffered much at the hands of the blood elves who later became the Scryers, they have put aside open warfare for the sake of the Sha'tar. The Aldor's most holy temple lies on the Aldor Rise, overlooking the city from the west.

The Scryers[]

Illidan's ally, Kael'thas Sunstrider, sent a large regiment of blood elves to destroy Shattrath City. However, upon arriving, the elves simply laid down their weapons to the defenders' great surprise. Vorenthal, their leader, asked to speak with the naaru A'dal. Vorenthal claimed that in a vision he had seen that the blood elves' only hope for survival lay in serving the Sha'tar. The naaru accepted the defectors, who consisted of some of the best and brightest in Kael'thas' army, and they became known as the Scryers. Their dwelling lies on the Scryers' Tier in Shattrath City.

The Sha'tar[]

Shattrath City, meaning "dwelling of light," was once the draenei capital. When the Burning Legion turned the orcs against the draenei, the fiercest battle was fought there. The draenei fought valiantly, but in the end, the city fell. Shattrath City was left in ruins and darkness until the Sha'tar arrived. The Sha'tar, or "born from light," are the naaru who came to Outland to fight the demons of the Burning Legion. With the help of the Aldor, the city has been largely rebuilt and the Sha'tar have assumed leadership. They have managed to unify the diametrically opposed factions of the Aldor and the Scryers in a common goal: defeating the Burning Legion.


Blood elf[]

For thousands of years, the high elves cultivated a shining, magical kingdom within the forests of northern Lordaeron. But six years ago, the undead Scourge invaded Quel'Thalas and drove the elves to the brink of extinction. Led by the death knight Arthas, the Scourge drained the mystical Sunwell, thereby severing the elves from the source of their power. The elves suffered greatly without the Sunwell, for they had become addicted to its arcane energies. Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider renamed the surviving high elves "blood elves" in honor of their slaughtered brethren. Led by the prince, the blood elves fought the Scourge until human prejudice forced them to flee to Outland. There Kael'thas swore allegiance to the demon Illidan Stormrage, and in return Illidan taught the refugees to feed their addiction by draining energy from alternative sources. Thanks to Illidan's teachings, the blood elves of Azeroth regained their health. Today they have retaken much of their homeland. Sponsored by Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, they have chosen to ally themselves with the Horde. The blood elves eagerly await the day Kael'thas will return to lead them into a glorious destiny.


Recently a terrible explosion tore open the skies above northern Kalimdor. The dimension-traveling vessel Exodar, bearing representatives of the draenel race, plummeted from the heavens and crashed on Azeroth. The draenei, or "exiled ones," are the remnants of the eredar who did not fall to the Burning Legion's corruption. These dedicated servants of the Light were on a mission to gather a coalition of allies that could stop the horrific Burning Crusade. Years ago in Outland, the scattered and desperate draenei saw Alliance forces drive back the Horde and destroy the Dark Portal. These acts gave the draenei hope, and they began plans to send some of their people to Azeroth on a diplomatic mission. However, due to blood elf sabotage, the Exodar barely reached its destination. Now, stranded a world away from home, the Draenei must establish a new base on Azeroth from the ruins of the Exodar as well as gain the trust and cooperation of the Alliance.



For thousands of years, the draenei have been interring their dead in Auchindoun, their most sacred temple. However, it was infiltrated by agents of the Shadow Council bent on summoning a horrifying creature of immense evil. Their vile act of magic resulted in a massive explosion that blew the temple apart and reduced the surrounding area into a charred wasteland. The blast also caused a rift in the Nether itself, drawing the otherworldly Ethereals into Outland. The interred draenei now walk the ruins as restless spirits. Meanwhile, the horrific entity summoned by the Shadow Council threatens to overwhelm their efforts to contain it. You must prevent this evil from being unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Auchindoun is divided into four wings, and is designed for a party of five characters levels 64-70.

Caverns of Time[]

Deep within the Caverns of Time, Nozdormu, guardian of the fabric of time itself, has awakened. Dark, sinister agents have infiltrated the timeways, attempting to alter the course of the past, present, and future. As a result, the bronze dragonflight has begun enlisting heroes to prevent the fabric of history from unraveling forever. You will undertake missions to prevent the sabotage of three key historical events. If any of the then-young Thrall's escape from Durnholde Keep, the momentous Battle of Mount Hyjal, and the opening of the Dark Portal by Medivh - were to be altered, the consequences to the history of Azeroth would be disastrous.

The assault on the timeways has begun. The balance of time is in jeopardy, and if the past is not saved, there will be no future.

Story of Thrall[]

The orc known as Thrall came from unlikely and humble beginnings. He was found as a baby among the lifeless bodies of slaughtered orcs, including his parents, after an attack by human soldiers. Aedalas Blackmoore, the officer who discovered and adopted him, decided to raise Thrall as a gladiator. He brought Thrall to his fortress of Durnholde Keep, which was being used as an orc interment camp.

Thrall developed both superior fighting skills as well as a brilliant strategic mind during his upbringing at Durnholde. He befriended a human woman, Taretha Foxton, who aided him in a daring escape plan. The walls of Durnholde proved insufficient to hold one with Thrall's abilities and resourcefulness-he escaped to find his true calling, that of Warchief of the Horde.

Story of Medivh[]

The Prophet. The Keeper of Secrets. The Last Guardian of Tirisfal. The mighty sorcerer Medivh was known by these and other names, which is fitting as no single name can encapsulate the significance of his life and deeds to the history of Azeroth. He was corrupted and used by the Demonlord Sargeras to open the Dark Portal, which allowed the orcs to invade Azeroth - and was subsequently defeated by his own apprentice, Khadgar.

Even the death of his mortal body didn't prevent him from playing a key role in the Battle of Mount Hyjal. In the guise of a mysterious prophet, he guided Thrall and Jaina, along with Tyrande Whisperwind, to marshal their forces in an effort to defeat the Burning Legion. After this victory, which preserved the continued existence of Azeroth, Medivh vanished to places unknown.

Coilfang Reservoir[]

The delicate ecology of Zangarmarsh has been thrown out of balance. Unnatural phenomena are corrupting and destroying the marsh's native flora and fauna. This disturbance has been traced to the foreboding Coilfang Reservoir. It is rumored that the leader of this mysterious edifice is none other than the infamous Lady Vashj. Only you can discover her nefarious plans and stop them before it's too late. Coilfang Reservoir is divided into four areas, three of which are five-man dungeons (the Slave Pens, the Underbog, and the Steamvault), in addition to the 25-man raid dungeon, Serpentshrine Cavern.[8]

Hellfire Citadel[]

On the blasted world of Outland near the Dark Portal stands the Hellfire Citadel, a nearly impenetrable bastion that served as the Horde's base of operations throughout the First and Second Wars. For years this gargantuan fortress was thought to be abandoned... until recently. This very much operation battle station has become inhabited by marauding bands of red, furious fel orcs. Where this savage new breed came from is a mystery, but what's worse is that their numbers seem to be growing. Hellfire Citadel is the first new dungeon that players will encounter in Outland. It will consist of three complete dungeon wings designed for 5-man groups, as well as an exciting raid encounter.[9]


The decrepit tower of Karazhan once housed one of the greatest powers Azeroth has ever known: the sorcerer Medivh. Since his death, a terrible curse has pervaded the tower and the surrounding lands. The spirits of nobles from nearby Darkshire reportedly walk its halls, suffering a fate worse than death for their curiosity. More dangerous spirits wait within Medivh's study, for it was there that he summoned demonic entities to do his bidding. However, the brave and foolish are still relentlessly drawn to Karazhan, tempted by rumors of unspeakable secrets and powerful treasures. Forge a group of ten stalwart heroes, and journey to the tower in Deadwind Pass — but be warned that only those who have achieved level 70 should dare enter.[10]


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