NeutralThe Call of Vengeance
Start Revil Kost
End Highlord Darion Mograine
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 1,500
Rewards 1g 50s
Previous N Death knight [10-45] The Dark Riders
Next N Death knight [98-110] Keeping Your Edge


Take the Death Gate to the Frozen Throne, and receive the Mark of the Lich King.

  • Take the Death Gate to the Frozen Throne
  • Obtain the Mark of the Lich King
  • Take the Death Gate to Acherus


I was wrong about you, death knight. Your assistance against the Dark Riders has proven a great service to the Light. Perhaps I should not be so quick to judge.

Nevertheless, you have allowed me to fill my purpose in returning these artifacts to their rightful owners. As for  [Apocalypse], I can think of no safer place than in your care.

May it serve you well against the Legion, death knight.


You will receive:

  • 1g 50s
  • 1,500 XP


The champion of the Lich King returns, and with a mighty weapon to bear against our demon foes!

May the Burning Legion tremble at the sight of our forces!


A Death Gate opens next to Revil.

The Lich King says: I can sense the power of the world-ender within you, <name>. You are prepared for the war to come.
The Lich King says: Join me at the Frozen Throne. I would meet my new champion face to face.

Upon using the Death Gate, you are transported to the Frozen Throne.

The Lich King says: You have done well. Ascend to my throne and receive your charge.
The Lich King says: Where the weak showed mercy, you did not hesitate to strike. Where the unworthy were vanquished, you have conquered.
The Lich King says: I now mark you with my sigil, let all recognize you as the enforcer of my will.

You receive the Mark of the Lich King buff, increasing all of your stats by 5% for 60 minutes.

The Lich King says: As we speak the Ebon Blade is en route to the Broken Isles to hunt for the Dreadlords.
The Lich King says: Go, ensure that not a single demon escapes my wrath! Crush all who stand in your way!

An Acherus Waygate opens to the immediate right of the Lich King. Use it to travel to Acherus: The Ebon Hold and speak with Darion Mograine in the center to complete the quest.

In case Apocalypse is not your first choice, you are teleported from the Karazhan Catacombs directly to Acherus. Upon completion, no speech occurs.


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