The Call of the World-Shaman

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AllianceThe Call of the World-Shaman
Start Naraat the Earthspeaker [74.6, 19.0]
End Thrall [60.6, 31.5]
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category Elemental Bonds
Experience 34700
Reputation +75 Earthen Ring
Next N [85] The Nordrassil Summit


Speak with Thrall just south of the World Tree in Mount Hyjal.


The Earthen Ring calls to you once more, <name>.

As a member of the Alliance, I know that you may have reservations working with the one you call Thrall, the former Warchief of the Horde. But he has specifically requested an Alliance hero to accompany him in his next endeavor, a ritual of healing that will profoundly impact our world.

Cast aside your doubts, <class>, and heed the World Shaman's call.

You will find him under the boughs of Nordrassil in Mount Hyjal, on the southern side of the tree.


It would appear my message has been heard in Stormwind.

Thank you, <name>. Let us get to work...


You will receive:

  • 34,700 XP (or 8g 27s at max level)
  • +75 reputation with Earthen Ring


Naraat offers this quest at the Eastern Earthshrine in Stormwind. Take the portal to Hyjal just to the northeast and head south of the Well of Eternity once there.

Thrall's gossip text:

Has the Earthen Ring sent you?
Our efforts to heal the land must begin here, at the World Tree. I'm glad you are here to witness this.


  1. B [85] The Call of the World-Shaman
  2. N [85] The Nordrassil Summit
  3. N [85] Into Slashing Winds
  4. N [85] Elemental Bonds: Doubt
  5. N [85] Into Coaxing Tides
  6. N [35] Elemental Bonds: Desire
  7. N [35] Into Constant Earth
  8. N [85] Elemental Bonds: Patience
  9. N [85] Into Unrelenting Fire
  10. N [85] Elemental Bonds: Fury
  11. N [85] Elemental Bonds: The Vow

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