The Calling

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NeutralThe Calling
Start Geologist Larksbane
End Geologist Larksbane
Level 60 (Requires 58)
Type Group
Category Silithus
Experience 11900
Reputation Cenarion Circle +700
Previous N [56] Unraveling the Mystery


Must have completed N [56] Glyph Chasing, N [56] Breaking the Code, and N [56] Unraveling the Mystery.


Geologist Larksbane at Cenarion Hold in Silithus wants you to recover the Crystal Unlocking Mechanism from the Qiraji Emissary.

You have been instructed to take the Glyphs of Calling to the Bones of Grakkarond, south of Cenarion Hold, and draw them in the sand. Should the Qiraji Emissary appear, slay it and recover the Crystal Unlocking Mechanism. Return to Geologist Larksbane if you succeed.

Assemble an army for this task, <name>!

You will need:


The glyphs illustrate an emissary of the Qiraji meeting with three silithid at the bones of a large dragon. Above the glyphs is what I can only assume to be a code of some sort. This code might very well be the key to summoning the emissary.

I will create a copy of the glyph code that you must use in the sand at the Bones of Grakkarond. If I am right, the Overlords will come thinking that new data is ready for transmission. Strike them down and confront the emissary. He holds the key to the crystals...


You must take the opportunity as it presents itself and strike!


I hold 20,000 years of history in my hands, <name>!


  • 11900 XP

The Prophecy

Geologist Larksbane says: I will do my best to translate and describe what I see.
Geologist Larksbane says: It is history.. A history of Silithus... of Ahn'Qiraj... of Titans and Old Gods... I read from the prophecy of C'Thun as written by the Qiraji Prophet Skeram. A prophecy that portends a cataclysm...
Geologist Larksbane says: In the time before time, when the world was still in its infancy, a battle between a Titan and a being of unimaginable evil and power raged on this very soil. The prophecy is unclear about whether or not the Titan was vanquished in this battle but it illustrates that a Titan fell. An Old God had also fallen - or so it was thought.
Geologist Larksbane says: For millennia this being lay dormant beneath the world - biding its time. From its prison it waited for the exact moment at which to strike back at those that would see it harmed.
Geologist Larksbane says: The land of eternal starlight, Kalimdor, was a nurturing mother to all of its creatures. The magic of the Well of Eternity permeated the land and empowered the multitude of flora and fauna that would make the world their home. From this magical ether were born the silithid. It was through the silithid that the brooding Old God would reach and attempt to sunder the world that it once held in its unmerciful grasp.
Geologist Larksbane says: The Old God would create avatars from the silithid in its own image. These avatars were to be known as Qiraji. Sentient and with purpose, the Qiraji would name their creator: C'Thun was born... For many thousands of years the Qiraji worked feverishly to build a force capable of laying waste to the world that would betray their god. The great fortress city of Ahn'Qiraj was created to house their growing armies and prepare for the coming of C'Thun.
Geologist Larksbane says: This can't be right. An Old God could never be allowed to enter this world. The results would be... Oh dear!
Geologist Larksbane regains her composure.
Geologist Larksbane says: There is more.
Geologist Larksbane says: The moment that C'Thun had so patiently waited for had finally arrived. His children had spent thousands of years building an army capable of exacting revenge upon the whole of Kalimdor and now the prize was within their grasp.
Geologist Larksbane says: The Titans had long since vacated this world. Only the night elves that once inhabited this area were here to defend. Oh my! The next passage is fascinating!
Geologist Larksbane says: A mighty Qiraji known as General Rajaxx would command the initial incursion into Silithus. Only one would stand in his way: A night elf known as Staghelm. They refer to him as Khar'sis or 'hand of the earth' in the native Qiraji tongue.
Geologist Larksbane says: Staghelm and his armies were clearly overwhelmed as the endless flow of Rajaxx's troops poured into Silithus. It would seem as if Staghelm, however, was more than just a nuisance to the Qiraji. Under Staghelm, the whole of the night elf armies had come together to defend Kalimdor, greatly slowing the Qiraji forces.
Geologist Larksbane says: Unfortunately, the night elf defense was untenable and Rajaxx knew that they could not hold out much longer. Their tenacity, however, was causing great frustration to Rajaxx and causing even more frustration to his king. Wait, kings? Incredible...
Geologist Larksbane says: Vek'nilash and Vek'lor, known as the Twin Emperors of Ahn'Qiraj, watched the war from the sanctuary of their temple. The clever brothers devised a plan to demoralize and divide Staghelm's forces.
Geologist Larksbane says: Valstann Staghelm served as the right hand of Fandral. A proud and noble warrior, his dedication and adoration for his father unyielding... and the Twin Emperors sensed this as weakness. A weakness that could be exploited.
Geologist Larksbane says: The Qiraji forces were commanded to fall back and hide the bulk of their numbers beneath the sands of the desert. A small attack was ordered upon Southwind Village while the front lines of Staghelm's army were kept occupied.
Geologist Larksbane says: Valstann, eager to please his father, convinced Fandral to allow him to take a small battalion to the defense of Southwind. Surely with the tide of battle turning their way, no harm could come to his beloved child. The trap was missed. Valstann was capture by the hiding Qiraji and Southwind Village obliterated. Rajaxx himself would take the captive Valstann to the front lines of the battle where - in front of Staghelm and the night elf forces - he would brutally execute the young night elf.
Geologist Larksbane says: The war continued but the will of the great leader was sapped. The whole of Silithus was soon engulfed by the silithid and their Qiraji hosts.
Geologist Larksbane says: Poor man, this explains much.
Geologist Larksbane says: The night elf army was pushed back through Un'Goro, the borders of the Tanaris desert. Something in Un'Goro prevented the Qiraji from being able to take the land. I do not quite understand this word but I believe it to mean 'God Lands.' It is stated that they could not 'take the God Lands.'
Geologist Larksbane says: Fascinating, this coincides with theories of Un'Goro being the home of the Titans when they inhabited Kalimdor. Perhaps Aman'thul himself watched over 'The God Lands.'
Geologist Larksbane says: Hrm, curious... This ends abruptly. In Tanaris the Qiraji document facing a bronze dragon. There is much missing from this... More information must be found! Surely they are planning to invade Kalimdor once more!
Baristolth of the Shifting Sands shifts uncomfortably.
Baristolth of the Shifting Sands says: When the time is right, my lady. All will be clear when the time is right. The master stirs even now. Look to the skies for the Brood of Nozdormu have returned.


Final part of the Emissary Roman'khan quest chain.

Kill the leaders of the three hives, after that the emissary appears, kill him too.

Requires 20-30 people. Recommended groups have several of Tier one Gear minimum to survive.

Most characters level 70 or higher can solo this quest.

Death Knights do not receive a quest reward from this quest.

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