The Cell

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NeutralThe Cell
Start Raelorasz
End Raelorasz
Level 71
Category Coldarra
Experience 20100
Reputation +325 Wyrmrest Accord
Rewards  [Augmented Arcane Prison]
4g 70s
Previous N [71] Puzzling...
Next Keristrasza


Raelorasz at the Transitus Shield wants you to obtain the Prison Casing from General Cerulean and the Energy Core from Warbringer Goredrak.


You've discovered a fragment of a special prison, <name>.

Malygos' minions use similar prisons to hold their captured mages and other arcane entities, but this prison was constructed to hold something... stronger.

In hopes that the enemy of our enemy will prove to be a friend, you must search for the prison's remaining fragments.

They are likely to be in the possession of Malygos' most trusted underlings.


Have you discovered any other pieces to the prison?


<The pieces you've collected begin to glow brightly in Raelorasz' hands.>

It is done.

I sense a strong presence within this prison. Let us hope it proves to be an ally.


You will receive:


To advance the quest chain, you can back up a bit to the center of the Shield to give yourself some space, or anywhere else convenient in Coldarra and use the item to spawn Keristrasza.


  1. N [71] Puzzling...
  2. N [71] The Cell
    After using the  [Augmented Arcane Prison] anywhere in Coldarra:
  3. N [71] Keristrasza
  4. N [71] Bait and Switch
  5. N [71] Saragosa's End
  6. N [71] Mustering the Reds
  7. N [71] Springing the Trap

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