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"A clan is bound by iron, not blood."

Thunderlord Clan
Image of Thunderlord Clan
Gender Male
Race(s) Orc

Fenris Wolfbrother

The Iron Wolf, Warlord of the Thunderlord Clan

The Thunderlord clan is a confederation of skilled, proven fighters who conquer mountains, hunt gronn, and carve their living from the land.

Fenris Wolfbrother was the oldest son of Garad, chieftain of the Frostwolf clan. Though his father pressed ideals of family and tradition on him, Fenris believed that his destiny was greater. When their home came under threat from the gronn, giant beasts that could be brought down only through a coordinated effort, Fenris defied his father's wishes and hunted with the neighboring Thunderlord clan. Fenris returned victorious, but Garad declared in front of everyone that his son's pursuit of fame was hollow and without honor. Humiliated, Fenris left his native Frostwolf clan and joined the Thunderlords. There, his skill and intensity gained him notoriety, regardless of blood ties. He discarded the name Fenris Wolfbrother and embraced the nickname he earned from his daring exploits: the Iron Wolf.

For years, Fenris ascended through the ranks of the Thunderlord clan. Then the legendary chieftain Grommash Hellscream formed the Iron Horde, an army of orcs forged for one purpose: to conquer all of Draenor. The multitude represented the strength of diversity that Fenris admired and yearned for. Though composed of different clans, the Iron Horde worked for the glory of all. With the soul of the orc race at stake, Fenris looks to coerce the stubborn Frostwolf holdouts to join the Iron Horde... even if it means destroying everything his father taught him to cherish.


Fenris and the rest of the Thunderlords claim the icy expanse of Frostfire Ridge as their territory, constructing their hunting halls from the gigantic bones of long-dead colossals. Snow-swept glaciers stretch in all directions, ringed by sharp pinnacles of active volcanoes that shake the land.

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