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Character Information
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Gender Female
Race(s) Human
Affiliation(s) Alliance
Location Dalaran

Jaina Proudmoore

Leader of the Kirin Tor

The accomplished wizard Jaina Proudmoore is the onetime ruler of destroyed Theramore, and the current leader of the wizards of the Kirin Tor.

The daughter of Daelin Proudmoore -- the monarch of the coastal kingdom of Kul Tiras and grand admiral of the Alliance during the Second War -- Jaina was a brilliant student of the ways of magic from childhood. She first studied under Antonidas, the archmage who led the Kirin Tor, a council of wizards living and working in the mystic city of Dalaran. During her early adulthood, Jaina struggled to prevent the spreading of a mysterious plague of undeath that would initiate the Third War and send her longtime friend and romantic interest, Prince Arthas Menethil, down a path of unmitigated darkness. As the war escalated, Jaina gained the trust of Thrall, the warchief of the reformed Horde, and became a key player in uniting the races of Azeroth to work together and stop the Burning Legion.

At the war's end, Jaina governed Theramore Isle, focusing her efforts on improving Horde-Alliance relations. She was an assiduous peacemaker, particularly during the Northrend campaign, when she struggled to defuse tensions between Garrosh Hellscream and Varian Wrynn, and then tried to appeal to the humanity of Prince Arthas after he had truly become the Lich King. Jaina's stance on peace -- and her very being -- changed when Garrosh Hellscream, who'd become warchief of the Horde in Thrall's absence, obliterated Theramore with a mana bomb. As the leader of the Kirin Tor, Jaina has the power and the determination to make Garrosh pay for the blood he's spilled - but, with the former warchief’s flight from justice, will Jaina seek vengeance against the Horde that harbored him? Or, can she find common ground with her enemies before a rising menace spells doom for all of Azeroth’s races?

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