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"Take me with you!"

Character Information
Gender Female
Race(s) Pandaren
Location Pandaria

Li Li Stormstout

The Wild Dog

A rambunctious roamer with a zest for life and a history of getting into important trouble, Li Li Stormstout does not know how to refuse the call to adventure.

As a part of the illustrious Stormstout family, Li Li seems to be experiencing the exact same wanderlust that gripped her uncle Chen in his youth…only worse. Her fixation on travel and exploration sent Li Li careening around her hometown, the back of the great turtle Shen-zin Su, also known as the Wandering Isle, as she grew up under the watchful eye of the martial artist and geomaster Strongbo. Bo found the young spitfire of a Stormstout to be as exacerbating as she was enthusiastic, but grudgingly vowed to protect Li Li when she ran away to search for her uncle Chen—even though he originally intended to bring her back to the Isle by force if necessary.

Stories of Li Li's travels to Kalimdor and beyond have been collected in numerous volumes, some penned by the young Stormstout herself, but perhaps the most pivotal result of Li Li's wandering has been her recovery of the omen-granting Pearl of Pandaria, which ultimately galvanized the return of Chen Stormstout. Reunited with her uncle Chen, Li Li now has a chance to roam Pandaria for the very first time, though her demeanor sometimes rubs other pandaren the wrong way. Some have taken to calling her "Wild Dog," a derogatory term for pandaren from the Wandering Isle.

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