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"No power of this world can trample the pure of spirit."

Character Information
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Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Location Pandaria

Taran Zhu

Lord of the Shado-Pan

Taran Zhu protects the pandaren from dangers within and without as the leader of the secretive Shado-Pan.

For thousands of years, Pandaria was isolated from the conflicts and troubles raging across Azeroth, but that did not mean its inhabitants lived free of danger. The mantid swarmed every century. Uncontrolled emotion threatened to summon the dangerous spirits known as the sha. The only defense against those threats was the Shado-pan, the mysterious order that protected their land with unending vigilance. Their leader, Taran Zhu, dedicated his life to eliminating threats to the balance of Pandaria, but he never could have imagined that the island’s faltering shroud of mists would bring the Alliance and the Horde’s all-out war to his shores. Zhu warned the outsiders of the dangers their conflict might bring to the isle…and his suspicions were validated when the sha flocked to the violence of the battling factions.

And, yet, the same races rushed to Zhu's aid when the Lord of the Shado-Pan was influenced by the Sha of Hatred. A renewed Zhu grew to grudgingly accept (and even welcome) the champions of both factions, joining forces with them to strike at the Thunder King and Warchief Garrosh Hellscream, whose ambitions ravaged Pandaria's precious Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Zhu and his disciples have yet to falter in their dedication to their homeland - but it remains to be seen if they will rise to defend the world beyond the Mists as well.

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  • The artwork actually doesn't depict Taran Zhu.