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"The Light is life, from which we all begin and to which we all return."

Character Information
Gender Male
Race(s) Draenei
Affiliation(s) Alliance


The Divine

Also known as the Ageless One, the venerable Velen has seen countless worlds unmade by the Burning Legion, and is one of the few who remember all of them.

His origins lost to time, Velen was once a respected leader on his homeworld of Argus. Thousands of years ago, the Dark Titan, Sargeras, offered Velen's people immense power, but he wisely refused it. He foresaw that accepting that power would lead to tremendous suffering. However, other, less principled individuals agreed to the titan's bargain. Velen realized that he could not safely remain on Argus. Defying the Dark Titan himself, Velen and his brave followers escaped with help from the naaru, mysterious beings of the Holy Light. The daring wayfarers called themselves draenei, or "exiled ones." Sargeras's army of demons, the Burning Legion, hunted the draenei. Velen thwarted the demons for millennia, until at long last he led his people to a world inhabited by brutish orcs. There, they took sanctuary from their journey. They named this new world Draenor.

Velen and his people dwelled on Draenor in relative peace and stability for hundreds of years. Yet it was only a matter of time before the Burning Legion discovered them. When it did, the demons tried to incite the orcs against the draenei. But the orcs already had their own plans in motion. They rallied together to forge the Iron Horde and threatened draenei settlements all over Draenor. Now, the ancient Prophet faces yet another threat. For as long as he has gazed into the skies above Draenor, a dark power has lurked there. Velen had hoped never to confront it, but the orcs are prepared to unleash it. The Ageless One must protect his people, or else all will be consumed by darkness.


Prophet Velen resides at the Temple of Karabor, sculpted between the great expanse of the sea and the dusky plains of Shadowmoon Valley. In the glimmering skies above, the moons hang among a curtain of stars, blanketing the land in an ethereal twilight.

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