This article is a copy of "Yrel", an official article by Blizzard Entertainment located in "The Characters of Warcraft" section of the online Game Guide. It speaks about Yrel from the alternate Draenor.

"Whenever I am afraid, I remember that the Light is with me, and together we are strong."

Character Information
Gender Female
Race(s) Draenei


Light of Hope

Yrel is committed to her people's survival, balancing hope and wrath in their darkest hour.

Born on Draenor, the sanctuary of the exiled draenei, Yrel was dedicated to her faith. She grew up in the Temple of Karabor, the center of the Holy Light for her people, and served as an acolyte. Devoted to her beliefs and her studies, she showed promise as a healer. Prophet Velen noticed her talent. He invited her to train as his pupil and began to teach her the value of leadership and sacrifice. But Yrel carried a dark secret within her. Velen sensed it, and he foresaw that for good or ill, she had a larger role to play. Yet when she considered her prospects, Yrel preferred to stay inside the temple, quietly caring for those around her. Unfortunately, that ideal did not survive.

Her peaceful life was shattered when the savage orc clans forged themselves into a fighting force named the Iron Horde and set out to conquer Draenor. Yrel was captured and flung into a war. Now, she stands at the brink of greatness. Whatever her fate, Yrel is not destined to remain a humble acolyte in the Temple of Karabor. Draenor is in danger, and she's called to do something more: to shield her people from oblivion.


Yrel grew up at the Temple of Karabor in Shadowmoon Valley, an extraordinary complex of gardens, monuments, and shining halls nestled at the edge of the sea. Here, all manner of draenei study and commune with the Light. Beyond the walls of the temple, moonlit plains roll into a perpetually twilit horizon.

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