AllianceThe Clutches of Evil
Start Captain Adams
End Captain Adams
Level 10-30
Category Howling Fjord
Experience 20100
Reputation +250 Valiance Expedition
Rewards 4g 70s
Next Mage-Lieutenant Malister


Destroy 15 Proto-Drake Eggs and 15 Proto-Whelps, and then return to Captain Adams at Westguard Keep.


<Name>, I don't trust anyone but you to take care of this. I need the proto-drake eggs and proto-whelps in the burning forest to the southeast destroyed!

Since we arrived here, the Ember Clutch has been ablaze; there must be some sort of perverse magic at work. And lately it seems to be growing. My men tell me that if we don't do something quickly, we'll be surrounded on all sides by the fire within a few weeks' time!

Get down there and eliminate the threat by destroying those eggs and the proto-whelps.


You will receive: 4g 70s


How go your efforts?


Good work! With any luck at all, the destruction of their egg clutches and whelps should drive off those fiery beasts and prevent that magical blaze from spreading.

Wait... what's that sound? It sounds like the beating of wings.


  1. A [10-30] The Clutches of Evil
  2. A [10-30] Mage-Lieutenant Malister
  3. A [10-30] Two Wrongs...
  4. A [10-30] Report to Scout Knowles
  5. A [10-30] Mission: Eternal Flame
  6. A [10-30] Mission: Package Retrieval
  7. A [10-30] Mission: Forsaken Intel
  8. A [10-30] Absholutely... Thish Will Work!
  9. A [10-30] You Tell Him ...Hic!
  10. A [10-30] Mission: Plague This!
  11. A [10-30] Operation: Skornful Wrath
  12. Complete these three quests for the Westguard Sergeant:
    A [10-30] Burn Skorn, Burn!
    A [10-30] Gruesome, But Necessary
    A [10-30] Towers of Certain Doom
  13. A [10-30] All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn!

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