The Court of Harvesters

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VenthyrThe Court of Harvesters
Start Prince Renathal
End Prince Renathal
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Venthyr Campaign
Experience 4,750
Rewards [Door of Shadows]
12g 87s
Previous N [60] Sinfall
Next N [60] Sacred Covenant


Stand before the Court of Harvesters and pledge your loyalty.


Partnerships such as ours will be key to Revendreth's revival.

As Harvesters, we have the ability to extend our powers to mortals, though the decision must be unanimous. To that extent, the court has gathered and is awaiting your arrival.

Let's not keep them waiting.


You will learn: [Door of Shadows] (Wend through the shadows, appearing at the targeted location.)

You will receive:

  • 12g 87s
  • 4,750 XP


You will be welcomed by the court, I have no doubt, but first, you must swear an oath before the Harvesters.


Welcome to our humble court, <name>.


Upon accept
Prince Renathal will head down the stairs, meeting The Accuser along the way, finally ending up by the Sinstone of Revendreth where The Curator is waiting.
Prince Renathal says: You may question why we are willing to impart our power onto a mortal, though you are no ordinary <race>, are you?
Prince Renathal says: No, you can breach the boundaries of the Maw with ease, something that even the oldest venthyr are unable to do.
Prince Renathal says: That ability alone would make you perfect for my plan, but there's so much more to you, isn't there?
Prince Renathal says: It will never be enough to simply defeat Denathrius, we must also break his hold on Revendreth.
Prince Renathal says: His grasp on this realm comes from the medallions he created, each containing a fraction of his power, given to subordinates that would obey without question.
Prince Renathal says: We must secure these medallions, and with them, usher in a new era that would see Revendreth return to its true purpose.
The Accuser says: I distinctly remember hearing of such a plan many years ago, Renathal, before the Master's true intentions were known...

Stand in the targeted area and use the Oath of the Harvesters extra button.

Reciting the oath to The Accuser
The Accuser says: I accept your pledge as honest and true. You may rise.
Reciting the oath to The Curator
The Curator says: Your loyalty has been observed and acknowledged. Stand as one of us.
Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
Prince Renathal says: Be that as it may, Accuser, this is the path we must pursure.
Prince Renathal says: Now, take your place beside me.
Prince Renathal says: The Maw Walker has agreed to join our cause. We will hear their oath, and welcome them into the rebellion.


  1. N [60] Report to Draven
  2. N [60] Sinfall
  3. N [60] The Court of Harvesters
  4. N [60] Sacred Covenant
  5. N [60] Anima Awakening
  6. N [60] Building Your Renown
  7. N [60] The Court's Bounty
  8. N [60] A Call to Service
  9. N [60] Anima is Power
  10. N [60] Into the Reservoir
  11. N [60] The Souls Plight
  12. N [60] Back into the Darkness
  13. N [60] Setting the Ground Rules
  14. N [60] Rule 1: Have an Escape Plan
  15. N [60] Rule 2: Keep a Low Profile
  16. N [60] Rule 3: Trust is Earned
  17. N [60] Hopeful News
  18. N [60] Souls for Sinfall
  19. N [60] A Coalition of the Willing (optional breadcrumb)
  20. N [60] Home Improvement
  21. N [60] Binding Power
  22. N [60] Strengthening the Bond
  23. N [60] A Conduit For Change
  24. N [60] Our True Purpose

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