NeutralThe Crucible of Carnage: The Earl of Evisceration!
Start Gurgthock [50.7, 58.3]
End Automatic
Level 30-35
Type Group (5)
Category Twilight Highlands
Rewards 28g 20s
Previous N [30-35G5] The Crucible of Carnage: Calder's Creation!
Next N [30-35G5] The Crucible of Carnage: The Twilight Terror!


Lord Geoffery Tulvan
Get in the arena at the Crucible of Carnage and defeat Lord Geoffery Tulvan!The reigning champion of the Crucible of Carnage, Lord Geoffery Tulvan is undefeated in the arena.

Suggested Players [5]


You're going to have your hands full with this one, pal. We've got a seasoned gentleman warrior here! He hails from Gilneas, and he's out to prove that he's the best warrior this side of Azeroth.

You better pull up those boots and zip up those pants, because it's going to get downright feral in here. Give me the word when you're down for some punishment.


You will receive: 28g 20s (at max level)


Four years running, and still no change of clothes.

You really pulled that one out. I thought you were done for sure when he wolfed and started tearing up the arena. I guess I should know by now that you don't go down easy.


Round four, Lord Geoffery Tulvan! An elite human/worgen with the following abilities:

  • Stuff


Gurgthock says: The grand Crucible of Carnage awaits, <name>. Remember, once a battle starts you have to stay in the arena. WIN OR DIE!
Gurgthock yells: Hailing from the semi-distant wreck of a landscape that was once Gilneas, our champion arises! Keep your pants up <name>, you don't want to show this guy a full moon!
Lord Geoffery Tulvan yells: Why hello chaps, I have a not so surprising surprise for you this eve.

At 60%

Lord Geoffery Tulvan yells: I dare say I've had enough of this. Time to bring out... THE BEAST WITHIN!
Lord Geoffery Wildwolf yells: Enough toying around! It's time to get my hands dirty!
Lord Geoffery Wildwolf yells: Grab a seat, chaps. Let me coach you on some true carnage!


Gurgthock yells: There's no denying it - they really put that dog down! So much for our former champion!
Gurgthock yells: It looks like we have one more challenger yet to face though, so let's get those wagers in!


  1. N [30-35G5] The Crucible of Carnage: The Bloodeye Bruiser!
  2. A [30-35G5] The Crucible of Carnage: The Deadly Dragonmaw! / H [30-35G5] The Crucible of Carnage: The Wayward Wildhammer!
  3. N [30-35G5] The Crucible of Carnage: Calder's Creation!
  4. N [30-35G5] The Crucible of Carnage: The Earl of Evisceration!
  5. N [30-35G5] The Crucible of Carnage: The Twilight Terror!

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-05-04): Players now fail The Crucible of Carnage: The Earl of Evisceration when killed by Lord Geoffery Tulvan during the encounter. Players are able to pick up the quest after it is failed and the event starts again without issue.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added.

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