NeutralThe Crypt of Remembrance
Start Prince Valanar
End Prince Keleseth
Level 8-30
Category Death Knight
Experience 825
Previous N Death Knight [8-30] The Will Of The Lich King
Next N Death Knight [8-30] Nowhere To Run and Nowhere To Hide, N Death Knight [8-30] Lambs To The Slaughter


Report to Prince Keleseth at the Crypt of Remembrance.


The attacks upon the gates of the last Scarlet bastion have begun. Our ghouls are wearing the Crusade's front lines down as we labor to fortify our new forward base, the Crypt of Remembrance.

Venture south to the crypt, which borders New Avalon, and report to my dear brother, Prince Keleseth.

He will be expecting you.

Prepare yourself, <name>, for you are about to witness the next stage of Scourge warfare: DOMINATION!

Ride now, death knight!


Hail, death knight. I am the blood lord, Keleseth, ruler of the southeastern reaches of Northrend. The Lich King has sought to utilize my talents in ending this mortal affront to the Scourge. As with all things the Lich King asks of me, I am happy to oblige. Of course, a sea of endless souls to sate my thirst certainly sweetened the deal, don't you think?


  1. N Death Knight [8-30] In Service Of The Lich King
  2. N Death Knight [8-30] The Emblazoned Runeblade
  3. N Death Knight [8-30] Runeforging: Preparation For Battle
  4. N Death Knight [8-30] The Endless Hunger
  5. N Death Knight [8-30] The Eye Of Acherus
  6. N Death Knight [8-30] Death Comes From On High
  7. N Death Knight [8-30] The Might Of The Scourge
  8. N Death Knight [8-30] Report To Scourge Commander Thalanor
  9. N Death Knight [8-30] The Scarlet Harvest
  10. Complete all of:
  11. N Death Knight [8-30] Gothik the Harvester
  12. N Death Knight [8-30] The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  13. N Death Knight [8-30] An Attack Of Opportunity
  14. N Death Knight [8-30] Massacre At Light's Point
  15. N Death Knight [8-30] Victory At Death's Breach!
  16. N Death Knight [8-30] The Will Of The Lich King
  17. N Death Knight [8-30] The Crypt of Remembrance
  18. N Death Knight [8-30] Nowhere To Run and Nowhere To Hide & N Death Knight [8-30] Lambs To The Slaughter
  19. N Death Knight [8-30] How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies
  20. N Death Knight [8-30] Behind Scarlet Lines
  21. N Death Knight [8-30] The Path Of The Righteous Crusader & N Death Knight [8-30] Brothers In Death
  22. N Death Knight [8-30] Bloody Breakout
  23. N Death Knight [8-30] A Cry For Vengeance!
  24. N Death Knight [8-30] A Special Surprise
  25. N Death Knight [8-30] A Sort Of Homecoming
  26. N Death Knight [8-30] Ambush At The Overlook
  27. N Death Knight [8-30] A Meeting With Fate
  28. N Death Knight [8-30] The Scarlet Onslaught Emerges
  29. N Death Knight [8-30] Scarlet Armies Approach...
  30. N Death Knight [8-30] The Scarlet Apocalypse
  31. N Death Knight [8-30] An End To All Things...
  32. N Death Knight [8-30] The Lich King's Command
  33. N Death Knight [8-30] The Light of Dawn
  34. N Death Knight [8-30] Taking Back Acherus
  35. N Death Knight [8-30] The Battle For The Ebon Hold
  36. A Death Knight [8-30] Where Kings Walk or H Death knight [8-30] Saurfang's Blessing

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