For the Karazhan boss, see The Curator.
NeutralThe Curator
Image of The Curator
Title <Harvester of Avarice>
Gender Female
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level 57-60 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Harvesters
Location Sinfall, Revendreth

The Curator is a venthyr located in Sinfall in Revendreth, and is the Harvester of Avarice. She is one of the first venthyr, willed into being by Denathrius, and was never mortal.[1] She is in charge of expunging sins of avarice within the Catacombs Ward but also has a vast knowledge of the vast library of sinstones of Revendreth,[2] which Archivist Fane in the Halls of Atonement also works on.[3] She assigned Watcher Emil to the Catacombs of Regret and Sinkeeper Mourana to the Crypt of the Forgotten.

She has a manor in Archivam.[4] She once knew the contents and locations of every sinstone in Revendreth dating back to the foundation of the realm, essentially having all the Sinstone Archives memorized, but her time in the Maw has altered her memory temporarily.[5] Prince Renathal considers her to be one of the greatest archivists in reality.[6] She is capable of escaping the Maw if in the presence of a Maw Walker without a First Ones waystone.[6] She and the Accuser also appear to have a close relationship.

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  • Oh! Hello. You'll need to wait your turn for torment.
  • Nice to meet you... Oh, or did we... already... do that?...
  • I was fine! Before the Maw. Now everything is... fuzzy.
  • My mind is a memory palace!... Only it's like I locked all the doors in the palace, and I forgot where I put all the keys...


During the Chains of Domination campaign

Oh, um, hello.

Please be so kind as to eliminate this dreadlord threat as quickly as possible. The long standing consequences to the Harvester of Wrath hunting them presents more destruction than we are prepared to handle in the wake of Denathrius's betrayal.

Also, if you speak with the naaru again please notify her that her continued presence in our realm, of her own free will, may lead to the manifestation of her own sinstone. While hardly a common occurrence with entities from other planes of existence, she may wish to conceal such an item if it materializes to avoid any past indiscretions from being used against her.

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