The Dangers of Magic Abuse

The Dangers of Magic Abuse is a book in Dalaran which can spawn in place of The Schools of Arcane Magic.[64.4, 52.4]


The Dangers of Magic Abuse

By Ilustriel Greenleaf

Stop! Think about what you're doing. Is arcane magic really right for you?

- Magic is a dangerous force that leads to the deaths of millions each year.
- Arcane magic is highly addictive. Once you start practicing magic, it's almost impossible to stop.
- Learning simple arcane spells can seem innocent at first, but it's often a gateway to harder and harder spells. In worst cases, you could even end up addicted to fel magic.
- Casting magic during childbirth can cause significant risks to the health of your children.
- Magic abuse can lead to violence and necromancy.
- Arcane magic is not cool.

That's why we've started the M.A.R.E. (Magic Abuse Resistance Education) program to educate people everywhere about the dangers of magic abuse. Our mission is to show the world that it's okay to live without magic. You can find fun elsewhere, like with flowers or basketweaving. Doesn't that sound exciting?

In addition, our program helps recovering magic addicts re-integrate themselves into society. In the nearly 6 days of our existence, our program has established a very strong relationship with the Priestess of Elune and that Cenarion Circle. These organizations are capable and willing to help you get on the path to a speedy recovery. Remember, it's never too late to learn to love yourself!

Contemporary Azeroth is full of unique challenges that make it very difficult to maintain a safe and magic-free lifestyle. We're here to help you find that safe, comfortable path. Dozens of people have already benefited from our lifestyle enriching magic-alternatives. Won't you be the next?

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