NeutralThe Dark Riders
Start Revil Kost
End Revil Kost
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 15,050
Rewards  [Apocalypse]
15g 40s
Previous N Death knight [10-45] A Grisly Task
Next N Death knight [10-45] The Call of Vengeance


Defeat the Dark Riders in the Karazhan Catacombs and claim  [Apocalypse].

  • Defeat the Dark Riders
  • Apocalypse claimed


The catacombs? I've never heard of such a place. Unless, he means...

There's a sewer grate along the edge of the river leading to a catacombs underneath Karazhan. I've never paid it much attention, but it could lead to the catacombs that the spirit spoke of.

To think, the Dark Riders may have been under our noses this entire time! Come, let us see where this leads.


You will receive: 15g 40s
Inv sword 2h artifactsoulrend d 01.png [Apocalypse]


Didyou[sic] find what you seek, death knight?


Today was a great blow against the Dark Riders, and a victory for the people of Duskwood.

They are in your debt, as am I.


On accept, Revil starts running towards the entrance of the catacombs.

Revil Kost says: The sewer entrance is this way. Follow me!

Upon entering the catacombs, you are placed in a single-player scenario.

Stage 1: The Downward Spiral

Make your way into the Dark Riders' catacombs beneath Karazhan.
  • Karazhan Catacombs infiltrated
Revil Kost says: Take care! There is a dark energy emanating from the spirits of this place. We had best not get too close.

The skeletal Cursed Guardians will awaken from their resting places along the walls as you descend and attack you. About halfway down, Revil will say:

Revil Kost says: How far down is this place? These stairs seem to go forever.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, two Dark Riders are guarding the entrance to the tunnel. Upon proceeding further inward, it becomes apparent that the way has been blocked by a field of "Grasping Spirits" summoned by Ariden, who is sitting on his steed on the other side.

Stage 2: Grasp of the Damned

Find a way to cross Ariden's spirit barrier.
  • Spirit Barrier crossed
Revil Kost says: The way is blocked!
Ariden yells: Intruders! You will go no further!
Revil Kost says: Hold, death knight! Those spirits he's controlling look like they'll rip us apart!
Revil Kost says: We have to figure out a way to get past without being torn asunder.
Revil Kost says: This magic is too strong for me to resist, but you may be able to cross it with your abilities, death knight.

Use [Wraith Walk] to pass over the spirits safely.

Ariden yells: Do not think you have won! Conservator, do your duty!

Stage 3: Removal Protocols

Defeat the guardian of the Dark Riders' vault.
  • Conservator Defeated

The Conservator, a damaged arcane golem, emerges from a room to the west.

The Conservator yells: Your presence is unauthorized. Removal protocols engaged.

Stage 4: The World-Ender

Find Apocalypse among the Dark Riders' artifacts.
  • Apocalypse found
Revil Kost says: Keep your guard up! I fear Ariden is not done with us yet.
Revil Kost says: The artifact chambers look to be just ahead. Let us proceed.
Revil Kost says: Over here! Is this the relic you seek?

Apocalypse is resting, seemingly unguarded, in a room in the westernmost part of the catacombs. Upon attempting to loot it, Ariden appears and knocks the player back.

Ariden yells: So this is what you're after? The artifacts of Karazhan belong here, and I will not allow them to be taken away!
Revil Kost says: You have no right to these artifacts, fiend! They must be reclaimed in the name of the Light!
Ariden uses his magic to lift Revil off the ground and choke him.
Ariden yells: Your Light does not reach here, priest!
Ariden equips Apocalypse.
Ariden yells: If you want the blade, death knight, come and claim it!
Ariden rides past the player deeper into the northern part of the catacombs.
Revil Kost says: Quickly, after him! I will only slow you down...

Stage 5: The Rider's Prize

Follow Ariden into the depths of the Karazhan catacombs.
  • Ariden followed

Head to the northernmost part of the catacombs and defeat any Dark Riders and Cursed Guardians you encounter along the way.

Stage 6: The Fate of the Son

Follow and defeat Ariden.

Upon approaching Ariden in the final chamber:

Ariden says: You are a persistent one.
Ariden says: Very well! If you so thirst for the power of Apocalypse, then I will show it to you myself!
Ariden yells: Feel the wrath of the world-ender!

During the fight, Ariden uses Apocalypse to summon ghouls from the ground, but as the fight progresses his voice grows increasingly desperate.

Ariden yells: It calls to souls long dead... RISE!
Ariden yells: You are not the only one who can control the undead, death knight!
Ariden yells: Sss... souls of the dead! Aid your master!

Upon bringing Ariden to 1% health, Apocalypse slips from his grasp and lands in the middle of the chamber, with Ariden kneeling in defeat.

Ariden yells: No! The power... is mine!
The spirit of Laith Sha'ol appears, hovering above Apocalypse.
Laith Sha'ol says: The power was not yours, Ariden. You did not wield Apocalypse. Its dark energies wielded you as its weapon.
Ariden says: That voice... father?!
Laith Sha'ol says: Rest now, my son. The curse is lifted.
Ariden dies.
Laith Sha'ol says: You are free.
Laith's spirit fades away.

Final Stage: Apocalypse

Claim Apocalypse.
  • Apocalypse

Upon looting Apocalypse, Revil, who was waiting at the entrance, runs into the chamber.

Revil Kost says: It is done. The Dark Riders are defeated.
Revil Kost says: Now I can reclaim these stolen artifacts and return them to their rightful owners.
Revil Kost says: You have proven an unexpected ally, death knight. The weapon is yours. Let us hope it can turn the tide in this war.
Revil Kost says: The Dark Riders lost this battle, but I fear they will soon regroup. We had best be gone before they do.


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