NeutralThe Dark Riders
Start Revil Kost [49.47, 74.72]
End Revil Kost [45.13, 60.29]
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 15,050
Rewards  [Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester]
15g 40s
Previous N Warlock [10-45] The Fate of Deadwind
Next N Warlock [10-45] The Power Possessed


Defeat the Dark Riders in the Karazhan Catacombs and claim Ulthalesh.

  • Complete the Dark Riders scenario
  • Ulthalesh claimed


There's a sewer grate along the edge of the river leading to catacombs underneath Karazhan. I've never paid it much attention, but it could be where the spirits are directing us. To think, the Dark Riders may have been under our noses this entire time! Come, let us see where this leads.


You will receive: 15g 40s
Inv staff 2h artifactdeadwind d 01.png [Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester]
  • 15,050 XP (at level 100)


Did you find what you seek, warlock?


Today was a great blow against the Dark Riders, and a victory for the people of Duskwood.

They are in your debt, as am I.


On accept:

Revil Kost says: The sewer entrance is this way. Follow me!

Head down to the Karazhan Catacombs[4.6.81, 6.9] to continue.

Stage 1: The Downward Spiral

  • Make your way into the Dark Riders' catacombs beneath Karazhan.
  • Karazhan Catacombs infiltrated

Cursed Guardians and Imprisoned Phantasms can be seen. Either climb down the stairs to the bottom, of (if you're feeling lucky) jump down into the water. Fight the two Dark Riders.

Revil Kost says: How far down is this place? These stairs seem to go forever.
Dark Rider says: The artifact belongs to Karazhan, warlock!

Stage 2: Grasp of the Damned

  • Find a way to cross Ariden's spirit barrier.
  • Spirit Barrier crossed
Revil Kost says: The way is blocked!
Ariden yells: Intruders! You will go no further!
Revil Kost says: Hold, warlock! Those spirits he's controlling look like they'll rip us apart!
Use [Demonic Gateway] to get past Ariden's barrier! Shadowlands
Revil Kost says: We have to figure out a way to get past without being torn asunder.

Summon a Felhunter and use [Spell Lock] on Ariden to bring down the barrier.

Ariden yells: Wretched demon!
Ariden yells: Do not think you have won! Conservator, do your duty!

Stage 3: Removal Protocols

  • Defeat the guardian of the Dark Riders' vault.
  • Mob Conservator Defeated
The Conservator yells: Your presence is unauthorized. Removal protocols engaged.

Stage 4: Reap the Harvester

  • Find the Deadwind Harvester among the Dark Riders' artifacts.
  • Ulthalesh found
Revil Kost says: Keep your guard up! I fear Ariden is not done with us yet.
Revil Kost says: The artifact chambers look to be just ahead. Let us proceed.
Revil Kost says: Over here! Is this the relic you seek?

Attempting to retrieve Ulthalesh summons Ariden, knocking back the player and preventing them from taking Ulthalesh.

Ariden yells: So this is what you're after? The artifacts of Karazhan belong here, and I will not allow them to be taken away!
Revil Kost says: You have no right to these artifacts, fiend! They must be reclaimed in the name of the Light!
Ariden yells: Your Light does not reach here, priest!

Ariden cast a spell on Revil, lifting him up in the air in a swirling mist.

Ariden yells: If you want Ulthalesh, warlock, come and claim it!

Stage 5: The Rider's Prize

  • Follow Ariden into the depths of the Karazhan catacombs.
  • Ariden followed
Revil Kost says: Quickly, after him! I will only slow you down...

Go after Ariden, killing the Cursed Guardians and Dark Riders along the way.

Dark Rider says: We will take what is ours!
Dark Rider says: The artifact calls to us!

Stage 6: Ulthalesh Feasts

  • Defeat Ariden.
  • Ariden defeated
Ariden says: You are a persistent one.
Ariden says: Very well! If you so thirst for the power of the Deadwind Harvester, then I will show it to you myself!
Ariden yells: Ulthalesh feasts tonight!

Once defeated, Ulthalesh is thrown into the center of the area.

Ariden yells: No! I will not be taken!

Ulthalesh grabs Ariden up in the air above it, draining his soul.

Ariden yells: Nooooooo!

Final Stage

  • Claim the Deadwind Harvester.
  • Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester claimed
Revil Kost says: It is done. The Dark Riders are defeated.
Revil Kost says: Now I can reclaim these stolen artifacts and return them to their rightful owners.
Revil Kost says: You have proven an unexpected ally, warlock. The weapon is yours. Let us hope it can turn the tide in this war.
Revil Kost says: The Dark Riders lost this battle, but I fear they will soon regroup. We had best be gone before they do.


  1. N Warlock [10-45] The Sixth
  2. N Warlock [10-45] The New Blood
  3. N Warlock [10-45] The Tome of Blighted Implements
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Warlock [10-45] The Heart of the Dreadscar
  6. N Warlock [10-45] Rebuilding the Council
  7. N Warlock [10-45] The Path of the Dreadscar
  8. N Warlock [10-45] A Mutual Friend (optional)
  9. N Warlock [10-45] Rise, Champions
  10. N Warlock [10-45] Information at Any Cost
  11. N Warlock [10-45] Recruiting The Troops
  12. N Warlock [10-45] Troops in the Field
  13. N Warlock [10-45] Tech It Up A Notch
  14. N Warlock [10-45] Searching the Archives
  15. N Warlock [10-45] An Unlikely Ally
  16. N Warlock [10-45] Bloodstone Bandit
  17. N Warlock [10-45] It Hungers for Blood
  18. N Warlock [10-45] Testing a Theory
  19. N Warlock [10-45] Debt Repaid
  20. N Warlock [10-45] A Daring Rescue
  21. Complete both:
  22. N Warlock [10-45] Empowering the Soul

Level 45

  1. N Warlock [45D] Black Rook Hold: An Unclaimed Soul
  2. N Warlock [45] Soul Beacon
  3. N Warlock [45] Mad Ernie the Alchemist
  4. N Warlock [45] Herding Goats
  5. N Warlock [45] Doom and Gloom
  6. N Warlock [45] Borrowed Time
  7. Complete both:
  8. Complete all of:
  9. N Warlock [45] Finding Fizzlebang
  10. Complete both:
  11. N Warlock [45] Lulubelle on Loan
  12. N Warlock [45] Champion: Lulubelle Fizzlebang
  13. N Warlock [45] Summoning the Sisters
  14. N Warlock [45] Selecting a Sixth
  15. N Warlock [45] Champion: Eredar Twins
  16. N Warlock [45] A Hero's Weapon

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