The Darkscale Warlord

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AllianceThe Darkscale Warlord
Start Balren of the Claw
End Warlord Wrathspine
Level 20 (Requires 17)
Category Darkshore
Shareable Yes
Previous A [19] Naga In Our Midst
Next A [20] The Offering to Azshara


Slay Warlord Wrathspine inside Nazj'vel.


If the naga want to throw in their lot with the Twilight's Hammer, then may Elune have mercy on them.

Go into their lair in the island of Nazj'vel and find their leader, the naga warlord known only as Wrathspine.

Perhaps the horn of the ancients can still be saved.



Warlord Wrathspine says: You are too late... the relic is being offered to Azshara above us as we speak!


The walord doesn't seem to have the horn on him. Perhaps he was telling the truth.


  1. A [18] Mounting the Offensive
  2. A [19] Leave No Tracks
  3. A [19] Stepping Up Surveillance
  4. A [19] Unearthed Knowledge
  5. A [19] Soggoth and Kronn
  6. A [19] The Slumbering Ancients
  7. A [19] Naga In Our Midst
  8. A [20] The Darkscale Warlord
  9. A [20] The Offering to Azshara
  10. A [19] The Battle for Darkshore
  11. A [20] Ashes in Ashenvale

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