For lore and background information about this location, see Deadmines. For the Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Orc campaign mission of the same name, see The Dead Mines (WC1 Orc).
The Dead Mines
Location Westfall
Result Human victory
Commanders and leaders

Kingdom of Azeroth


Band of Ogres

Casualties and losses

Kingdom of Azeroth

  • Light

Band of Ogres

  • Heavy
Previous Alliance Kyross
Concurrent Horde The Dead Mines
Next Alliance The Forest of Elwynn
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This article contains lore or information taken from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and/or its manual.

The Dead Mines is the fourth mission of the Human campaign in Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

Mission briefing

It has been some twenty months since Sir Lothar, one of the crown's greatest heroes, led an expedition into the Dead Mines to search for the Lost Tome of Divinity. They were never heard from again. However, the great knight has recently appeared to the Abbot of Northshire in a vision - battered and pleading for assistance. King Llane has ordered you to lead a detachment of warriors and healers into the mines in an attempt to find Sir Lothar, heal him, and bring him and any other survivors back alive.


Kingdom of Azeroth
Band of Ogres
Survivors of Lothar's expedition


  • Wounded can only be found in this mission, and they will resume their roles as Archers once one of your units moves into contact with them, or a Cleric casts the Healing spell on them. They have very few HP left, so it is advisable to have a Cleric heal them as soon as possible.
  • Contrary to what the mission briefing and mission objectives list say, you do not actually need to heal Lothar. Simply moving him to the dungeon's exit area is enough to complete the mission.