AllianceThe Dead and the Damned
Start Auto-accept
End Highlord Darion Mograine
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 22,600
Rewards  [Maw of the Damned]
46g 20s
Previous N Death knight [10-45] A Pact of Necessity
Next N Death knight [98-110] Keeping Your Edge
For the Horde version of this quest, see H Death knight [10-45] The Dead and the Damned.


Travel to Dalaran and fly upon Zeomus to Darkstone Isle. While there, travel through the Demon Portal, find Baron Sliver, and obtain the  [Maw of the Damned].

  • Optional: Ride Zeomus to the Broken Shore
  • Enter into the Legion Portal
  • Obtain the Maw of the Damned


<A powerful mind again touches your thoughts.>

Gorelix the Fleshripper is a monstrous demon. The butcher of a thousand worlds, he has exterminated countless races with his axe, the Maw of the Damned.

A group of Ebon Blade was dispatched to slay him but they have gone missing. You will succeed where they failed.

You will not be alone in this, I've sent Baron Sliver ahead to assist you.

Go, obtain the Maw of the Damned and ensure that Gorelix is no more.


You will receive: 46g 20s
Inv axe 2h artifactmaw d 01.png [Maw of the Damned]


That axe makes me feel uneasy, <name>. Its power is undeniable, but its very essence embodies the eternal hunger.

We will use it because we must do whatever it takes to win this war. Still, I'd be careful with that weapon if I were you.


Duke Lankral says: Headed down to the Broken Shore, eh? I know right where you need to go, Zeomus here will get ya there.

Upon mounting Zeomus, you are transported to Darkstone Isle on the western side of the Broken Shore where several Knights of the Ebon Blade are stationed. Vanessa Fairgraves is standing nearby and salutes you as you walk past.

Vanessa Fairgraves says: I told Baron Sliver that you were coming, but he ran in anyway. That fool is going to get himself killed!

Rantuko Grimtouch is standing in front of the demon portal.

Rantuko Grimtouch says: We've got this side of the portal secured.

Upon walking through the portal, you are transported to Niskara.

Stage 1: Hunting the Hunters

Baron Sliver should have already arrived. Search for him.
  • Search for Baron Sliver.

Sliver is found just up the path, having been shackled by a Niskaran Jailer.

Niskaran Jailer says: Foolish mortal! You walked right into my trap!
Niskaran Jailer says: An eternity of torment awaits you!

Upon killing the jailer, Sliver is freed.

Baron Sliver says: I suppose I owe you one, <name>. I almost had my final death there.
Baron Sliver says: The Lich King said my partner would be one of the mightiest knights ever known. I assume he was speaking of you? I'll rely upon your skills to get us through this in one piece.
Baron Sliver says: Let's get going. Felguard roam the path ahead. I've kept my distance from them, but with you leading the way, we can fight through.

Stage 2: Scout the Path

Follow Baron Sliver up the rise ahead.
  • Follow Baron Sliver

Kill the two Felguard Sentries and then proceed east.

Stage 3: Breaching the Defenses

A wall of flames blocks the path. Protect Baron Sliver while he disables the barrier.
  • Protect Baron Sliver while he disables the Fel Barrier
Baron Sliver says: I'll bring down the barrier. Watch my back!

A Felguard Sentry and Niskaran Doombringer emerge from a building to the north. Kill them both to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 4: The Search Continues

Follow Baron Sliver into Legion territory and search the camp.
  • Search the Legion camp.
Baron Sliver says: Just a little and... down it goes!

Follow Sliver east into the Legion camp and kill the Felguard Sentries patrolling the path.

Gorelix the Fleshripper yells: What is this? More foolish mortals infesting my realm? You've come a long way just to die.
Margrave Dhakar yells: Knights! Escape while you can! This demon is too strong to...
Gorelix the Fleshripper yells: Silence, or I shall drain your blood next!
Baron Sliver says: Margrave led the previous team that tried to kill Gorelix. I'm surprised he's alive! I didn't think the Legion kept prisoners.
Baron Sliver says: Did you hear that? I think something's in that building up ahead. Let's investigate.

Inside one of the buildings, Dagnar Stonebrow has been strung up with fel shackles.

Baron Sliver says: Well... if it isn't Margrave's protege, Dagnar.
Baron Sliver says: Finding you strung up like this is a surprise. I would have expected a more... gory... end.
Dagnar Stonebrow says: <cough> Spare me yer gentle words, Sliver. I've not had me final death yet.
Dagnar Stonebrow says: These bloody demons are gonna learn a new meaning of suffering when I get free! A beast called Zalinor carries the keystone that unlocks these bindings. Free me and I'll help ye slay the bastards!

Stage 5: End of the Inquisition

Hunt down Inquisitor Zalinor and obtain his keystone.
  • Hunt down Inquisitor Zalinor and obtain his key.
Baron Sliver says: I suppose you'll be more useful to us alive. Very well, let's be swift about this.

Zalinor is found to the northeast overlooking a pool of fel sludge, past a group of Niskaran Alchemists and Fiery Gazes of Zalinor.

Inquisitor Zalinor says: New subjects! What delicious secrets will you hold?

Upon killing Zalinor, the Legion Keystone will appear next to his corpse. Interact with it to proceed to the next stage.

Inquisitor Zalinor says: So many... secrets... remain...

Stage 6: Back to the Prisoner

With the keystone in hand release your ally.
  • Release your ally
Baron Sliver says: Finally the keystone is ours! Let's head back.

Head back to the building and release Dagnar.

Dagnar Stonebrow says: Ah! That's much better!
Dagnar Stonebrow says: Listen! We don't have much time. They took Margrave to the citadel. We're gonna have to break in there to get 'im out!
Baron Sliver says: We're here to slay a demon, not rescue every failure who couldn't get the job done.
Dagnar Stonebrow says: What!? Don't ye have any sense of duty to aid yer fellow knights?
Baron Sliver says: I don't care! Slaying the demon is our first priority. Come, we've wasted enough time with this blathering.
Dagnar Stonebrow says: Blast ye, Sliver! Fine! I'll help ye, but I'll rescue Margrave first chance I get!

Stage 7: Sieging the Citadel

Travel to the citadel and assist Baron Sliver as he disables its barrier.
  • Citadel Barrier Disabled
Dagnar Stonebrow says: I'll be taking this for me self!

Dagnar equips the fel lord axe behind him and follows Sliver and the player as they run up the path to the southeast. Sliver pauses in front of an area scorched by "Fel Creep", which deals heavy Fire damage to characters who stand in it and slows their movement speed by 65%.

Dagnar Stonebrow says: What're ye waiting for? Get a move on!

Dagnar runs across the scorched area and is burned by the fire.

Dagnar Stonebrow says: Owwww!!! Owwww!!

Sliver instead uses [Anti-Magic Shell] before crossing.

Baron Sliver says: Fool! Has your mind rotted to dust? The Legion's magic is easily avoided.

Follow Sliver's example or use [Wraith Walk] to avoid taking damage as you pass over the scorched area.

Fight your way up to the barrier.

Baron Sliver says: Another damned barrier! Watch my back... we'll probably get jumped again.

Similar to before, a Felguard Sentry and two Niskaran Doombringers emerge from the building to the east. After defeating them, another Doombringer accompanied by a Niskaran Houndmaster and two Voracious Felmaws appear from the west.

Dagnar Stonebrow yells: Another bunch of 'em headed our way!

After defeating them, the next stage begins.

Stage 8: Into the Depths

The way is open into the complex. Continue down into the structure and locate Margrave.
  • Search within the citadel for Margrave.
Baron Sliver says: The barrier's down. Move quickly!
Gorelix the Fleshripper yells: Foolish mortals! Are you so eager to take the place of my next meal?
Gorelix the Fleshripper yells: So be it! This prisoner is useless to me anyway. Its blood is weak and stale.

The area between the disabled barrier and the citadel is inhabited by Felguard Sentries, Niskaran Houndmasters and Niskaran Doombringers, as well as a large amount of Repulsion Tumors. The tumors spew fel energy around them that pushes back anyone who attempts to walk into it; using a ranged attack like [Death's Caress] or pulling them away with [Death Grip] will cause them to stop spreading fel.

Just before reaching Margrave, there is another area scorched by Fel Creep. Note that using [Anti-Magic Shell] in this area will not prevent you from being slowed, so it is advisable to use [Wraith Walk] instead.

Upon reaching the center of the complex, a short cutscene plays, showing Margrave tied to a rock pillar as Gorelix appears on the rise behind him.

Margrave Dhakar yells: What are you doing? Run, you fools! The demon is near!
Gorelix jumps down behind Margrave and instantly kills him with a single blow from the Maw of the Damned.

Stage 9: The Fleshripper

Gorelix has slain Margrave! Destroy the demon!
  • Slay Gorelix
Gorelix the Fleshripper yells: I'll guzzle your blood!

Gorelix regularly casts Earthshattering Slash, which deals damage to enemies directly in front of him. He also spawns large amounts of Fel Slime from the surrounding lava pools. Note that killing a Fel Slime will cause it to create a patch of slime that periodically inflicts Fire damage when stood in.

Upon killing Gorelix, the Maw of the Damned falls to the ground and lands in Margrave's corpse.

Gorelix the Fleshripper says: Netrezaar... take... you...

Stage 10: The Maw of the Damned

With Gorelix dead his axe is now yours. Take it.
  • Take the Maw of the Damned

Final Stage: The Call of Icecrown

The Lich King await's[sic] news of your success. Use Baron Sliver's [Death Gate] to travel to Icecrown.
  • Use Baron Sliver's Death Gate
Baron Sliver says: Good, now let's get out of here. The Lich King will be eager to hear of our success.

While Sliver walks into the gate immediately, Dagnar instead walks over and briefly kneels next to Margrave's body before crossing.

Dagnar Stonebrow says: Suffer well, old friend.

Upon using the Death Gate, you automatically exit the scenario and is transported to the Frozen Throne.

The Lich King says: You have done well. Ascend to my throne and receive your charge.
The Lich King says: Where the weak showed mercy, you did not hesitate to strike. Where the unworthy were vanquished, you have conquered.
The Lich King says: I now mark you with my sigil, let all recognize you as the enforcer of my will.

You receive the Mark of the Lich King buff, increasing all of your stats by 5% for 60 minutes.

The Lich King says: As we speak the Ebon Blade is en route to the Broken Isles to hunt for the Dreadlords.
The Lich King says: Go, ensure that not a single demon escapes my wrath! Crush all who stand in your way!

An Acherus Waygate opens to the immediate right of the Lich King. Use it to travel to Acherus: The Ebon Hold and speak with Darion Mograine in the center to complete the quest.


Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages of World of Warcraft: Legion.

Travel to the Broken Shore and travel through the Demon Portal, find Baron Sliver, and obtain the Maw of the Damned.

  • Optional: Ride Zeomus to the Broken Shore
  • Enter into the Legion Portal
  • Obtain the Maw of the Damned
  • Obtain the Mark of the Lich King
  • Take the Acherus Waygate

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