NeutralThe Deadwind Site
Start Meryl Felstorm
End Meryl Felstorm
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 15,050 (level 100)
Rewards 15g 40s
Previous N Mage [10-45] Finding Ebonchill
Next N Mage [10-45] The Mage Hunter


Find and retrieve information on the ritual from Arrexis's campsite near Karazhan.


Your research spoke of an experimental site out near Karazhan. I hope there are still materials on this ritual that will aid us there.

You will need to find the site and bring back anything that will help us recreate the ritual. I will dig deeper here as well.


You will receive:

  • 15g 40s
  • 15,050 XP (level 100)


I trust you were successful?


This is better than I hoped. A working ward prototype and the ritual notes as well!

I'm beginning to believe this is possible!


On accept:

Meryl Felstorm says: In the center of Dalaran is a portal that can you[sic] to Karazhan. Start you search in the mountains west of the tower. I seem to recall a mention of something up there.

When you arrive at Karazhan, fly directly northwest, where you will find the Abandoned Kirin Tor Camp, which is filled with Arcane Hunters and packs of Excited Mana Scavengers. Head deeper into the camp until you see a circle of stones and loot the nearby  [Functional Ward]. Next, head a bit further west and loot the  [Ritual Notes], which will cause Merina to spawn a short distance away.

Merina says: Are you here to take me away? Or do you only seek that which was left behind?
Merina says: I was told to stand watch, but no one ever came back for me. I wasn't strong enough to defend the site... or perhaps I was simply here too long. I'm not sure anymore.
Merina walks a few feet towards the northern clearing.
Merina says: If you want the ritual to work, you need the focus. I tried to keep it from the monsters, but I was too weak.
Merina points to the north.
Merina says: It lies near my corpse. I... I think it's keeping me here. Please, take it far away. Perhaps then I will finally be able to go home.
Merina walks back to her original position.

You are now able to talk to the ghost.

I doubt you are here for me. Which means you are probably here for the research.
Gossip Who are you? Yes, I am looking to recreate Arrexis's ritual.

Clicking on the dialogue option will simply cause Merina to repeat what she said earlier.

Head a short distance north where the Arcane Abomination is and loot the  [Ritual Focusing Crystal], which is embedded in the ground right next to the skeleton of a female human, apparently Merina's body. Upon looting the crystal, the ghost vanishes.

If you haven't done so already, head south to the Tainted Scar in the Blasted Lands for N Mage [10-45] Daio the Decrepit. Otherwise, use [Teleport: Hall of the Guardian] to return to Meryl.


  1. N Mage [10-45] Felstorm's Plea
  2. N Mage [10-45] The Dreadlord's Prize
  3. N Mage [10-45] A Mage's Weapon
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Mage [10-45] The Champion's Return (arcane and fire)
  6. N Mage [10-45] The Great Akazamzarak
  7. N Mage [10-45] The Only Way to Travel
  8. N Mage [10-45] The Tirisgarde Reborn
  9. N Mage [10-45] A Conjuror's Duty
  10. N Mage [10-45] Growing Power
  11. N Mage [10-45] Rise, Champions
  12. N Mage [10-45] Technical Wizardry
  13. N Mage [10-45] Archmage Omniara
  14. N Mage [10-45] Building Our Troops
  15. N Mage [10-45] Troops in the Field
  16. N Mage [10-45] Tech It Up A Notch
  17. N Mage [10-45] Ancient Magic
  18. N Mage [10-45] An Unexpected Visitor
  19. N Mage [10-45] A Covert Operation
  20. N Mage [10-45] Prepare To Be Assimilated
  21. N Mage [10-45] What Is Going On Here?
  22. Complete both:
  23. N Mage [10-45] Final Exit
  24. N Mage [10-45] Empyrean Society Report
  25. Side quests:
  26. N Mage [10-45] The Council is in Session
  27. N Mage [10-45] Archmage Vargoth's Retreat
  28. N Mage [10-45] Following In His Footsteps

Level 45

  1. N Mage [45] Kalec's Plan
  2. Side quests:
  3. N Mage [45] Not A Toothless Dragon
  4. N Mage [45] The Enemy of My Enemy...
  5. N Mage [45] Impending Dooooooom!
  6. N Mage [45] A Terrible Loss
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N Mage [45] Into the Oculus

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