NeutralThe Debt We Share
Start Gar'rok [75, 22.8]
End Kalandrios [72.6, 19.6]
Level 98 (Requires 98)
Category Nagrand
Experience 14,800
Rewards Item level 598 back
14g 60s
Previous N [98] Guise of the Deceiver
Next B [98] The Ritual of Binding


Speak with Gar'rok.


These mortal shells that we call bodies are not ours to keep. The body is a gift of earth that must one day be returned from whence it came.

The time has come for this body to return to the elements.

Know that you have lifted the weight from an old heart, <name>. As I pass on from this realm, I do so without regret. I have fought on behalf of my people and my land, I have served the elements, and I have loved.

It would honor me if you would stay during these final moments, <class>.


You will receive one of these rewards:
Inv cape draenorquest95 b 06 mail.png [Gar'rok's Sun-Faded Cloak]
Beast MasteryMarksmanshipSurvivalAssassinationCombatSubtletyEnhancementWindwalkerFeral
Inv cape draenorquest95 b 05 cloth.png [Gar'rok's Weathered Cloak]
Inv cape draenorquest95 b 06 mail.png [Gar'rok's Patchwork Cloak]
Inv cape draenorquest95 b 08 plate.png [Gar'rok's Roadworn Cloak]
Inv cape draenorquest95 b 07 leather.png [Gar'rok's Sunshade Cloak]

You will also receive: 14g 60s




Gar'rok was a loyal keeper and a true friend. He will be missed, but so is the cycle of life on this world.

In time we will call a new keeper of the elements, and he will serve us as Gar'rok did before him.


On accept
Gar'rok says: My time is at an end, but I die knowing that I have honored her memory.
Speak to Gar'rok

I am a shaman of the old ways and I care not for the petty conflicts between clans.

Throughout the years many clans have called this valley home, but it has always belonged to the elements first.

Gossip I stand with you, Gar'rok. Rest with honor.

Gar'rok says: This body grows weary, <name>.
Gar'rok says: These old eyes darken...
Dahaka says: Gar'rok, my mate...
Dahaka says: I have stood by you as a breath upon the wind.
Dahaka says: I have watched as you lived with honor and my love has not waned.
Dahaka says: Rise, husband. Your ancestors call...reunited we shall answer.
Gar'rok says: Dahaka, it is your call that I have waited so long to hear.


  1. A [98] Nobundo Sends Word / H [98] The Farseer Awaits
  2. B [98] Called to the Throne
  3. Complete all of
  4. N [98] Guise of the Deceiver
  5. N [98] The Debt We Share
  6. B [98] The Ritual of Binding
  7. B [98] The Call of Oshu'gun
  8. B [99] Dark Binding / B [99] The Pale Threat
  9. B [99] The Fate of Gordawg / B [99] The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun

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