NeutralThe Decisive Striker
Start Bloodmage Drazial[50.57, 14.24]
End Bloodmage Drazial[50.57, 14.24]
Level 50 (Requires 45)
Category Blasted Lands
Experience 470-4700
Rewards  [Ground Scorpok Assay]
Repeatable Yes

This is one of the Blasted Lands buff quests. It rewards characters with an elixir giving +25 agility for a period of 60 minutes.


Bring three Scorpok Pincers, two Vulture Gizzards, and one Blasted Boar Lung to Bloodmage Drazial.


The Scorpok Pincers drop from Scorpok Stingers in the surrounding area. The Vulture Gizzards drop from Black Slayers (respawn at 55,44) also in the surrounding area. The Blasted Boar Lungs can be found from Ashmane Boars and Helboars also in the surrounding area.


Have you ever watched them in battle, <name>? The scorpoks, I mean. Have you ever seen the grace and agility with which they move? The decisiveness of their strikes?

If only we could somehow isolate that agility and encapsulate it, we would be wealthy beyond our... I mean... it would be a boon for the scientific community.

Assist me, <name>, and I shall allow you a sampling of the assay.

In order to create a stable sample, I will need three scorpok pincers, two vulture gizzards, and one blasted boar lung.


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