The Deed is Done

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For the Southern Barrens quest, see A [35] The Deed Is Done.
NeutralThe Deed is Done
Start Zazzo Twinklefingers[70.2, 40.8]
End Wrathion[71.4, 45.4]
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category Rogue
Experience 34700
Rewards  [Vengeance]
Previous N Rogue [85] Assassinate Creed
Next N Rogue [85] Cluster Clutch

This rogue-only quest is the seventh part of the chain to obtain the legendary dagger set Fangs of the Father. It is a simple travel quest directing the rogue back to Wrathion. It rewards the Jaws of Retribution, the first of two dagger sets that will be upgraded during the questline, ultimately becoming the Fangs of the Father.


Report your success to Prince Wrathion at Ravenholdt Manor in Hillsbrad Foothills.


Prince Wrathion will be pleased to hear that you've succeeded. You should report back to him at Ravenholdt Manor.

The Prince has been known to be extremely generous to those who help him.


You will receive: 8g 27s
Inv knife 1h deathwingraid e 01.png [Vengeance] Inv knife 1h deathwingraid e 01.png [Fear]


That's wonderful news, <name>. Creed was not the most powerful of the remaining black dragons, but his manipulation of the Gilneans was truly diabolical.

I've prepared a reward for you. These blades may not look like much at present, but in the right hands they may yet awaken.

Perhaps in YOUR hands...


After turning in the quest:

Wrathion says: Excellent work, friend. You've proven that a single skilled assassin can strike a decisive blow where a whole army may fail.
Fahrad says: Huh! A lucky blow, against an unprepared opponent.
Wrathion says: If you wish to continue our work, we will need some additional supplies.


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