HordeThe Defias Kingpin
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 7-30 (Requires 7)
Type Dungeon
Category Deadmines
Experience 950
Reputation +500 Orgrimmar
Rewards  [Cookie's Meat Mallet] or
 [Cookie's Stirring Stick] or
 [Cookie's Table Cloth]
Previous H [7-30D] Good Intentions...Poor Execution
For the Alliance version, see A [7-30D] The Defias Kingpin.


Kill the Defias Kingpin.


The Shattered Hand has laid mostly quiet for years now.

No more!

You will be the instrument of our rebirth, <name>. Slay the Defias Kingpin and commandeer her ship for the Horde! We will outfit it as a proper orc warship and use it to finally lay waste to Stormwind

Any survivors will spread word of our unstoppable power across all of Azeroth, and all will tremble before our might!

Go now, VanCleef's death will be your greatest triumph yet hero.


COWARD!!! Vanessa VanCleef is a dirty human coward! How dare she flee from battle against the Horde and leave her unworthy subordinate to fight!

<Kagtha composes herself.>

No matter. Her ship is reward enough. The citizens of Stormwind will bear first hand witness to our awe inspiring power using a ship made in part by the very architect of their city!


You will receive: 33s

You will also be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv hammer 09.png [Cookie's Meat Mallet] Inv wand 09.png [Cookie's Stirring Stick]
Inv misc cape 15.png [Cookie's Table Cloth]


This is the fifth and last quest (Horde version) inside the instance, offered by Kagtha once you have completed her previous quest, H [7-30D] Good Intentions...Poor Execution. The quest can be automatically obtained if you get close to "Captain" Cookie. For tactics and strategy guides on how to kill this boss, go to "Captain" Cookie.


  1. H [15D] Adventurers Wanted: The Deadmines (optional)
  2. H [7-30D] Only The Beginning
  3. H [7-30D] Traitors!!!
  4. H [7-30D] Not Quite There
  5. H [7-30D] Good Intentions...Poor Execution
  6. H [7-30D] The Defias Kingpin

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