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MobThe Demon Within
Image of The Demon Within
Gender Male
Race Demon (Demon)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Nighthold
Status Killable

The Demon Within manifested when the spirit of Sargeras tried to take control Illidan Stormrage's body in the Nighthold.


  • Ability demonhunter glide.png  Soulsever — Dives at his current target, striking for 13650000 to 14350000 Physical damage and creates several arcs of Shadow magic that travel outward. Each arc shears a soul fragment of any targets struck from their body, ejecting that piece into the playspace. This Sheared Soul absorbs all healing received until another player collects the piece. Collecting the Sheared Soul inflicts 1187500 to 1312500 Shadow damage to targets within 2 yards, afflicting them with Severed, increasing 227040 damage taken by 900%. Once the target regains their soul fragment, they are additional afflicted with Severed Soul, absorbing 7800000 to 8200000 Healing received.
  • Ability demonhunter infernalstrike1.png  Flame Crash — Leaps at the furthest target, striking all enemies inflicting (1187500 to 1312500 * 3) Fire damage, decreasing in damage as distance from the point of impact increases to a minimum of 1187500 to 1312500 Fire damage.
  • Spell shadow soulleech 3.png  Parasitic Wound — A parasitic shadow demon burrows its way through the target, dealing 1150000 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 10 sec. When the shadow demon is finished, it leaves the target and seeks new prey, inflicting 475000 to 525000 Shadow damage and knocking back players within 6 yards of the previous host.
  • Spell shadow seedofdestruction.png  Chaos Seed — Slashes twice, manifesting an orb of chaotic energy which explodes upon reaching its destination, inflicting 855000 to 945000 Chaos damage and an additional 166250 to 183750 Chaos damage every half-second for 6 sec to enemies within 8 yards of the impact location.
  • Nightorb — Nightorb spawn, which are protected by Nightshield. This can only be removed via Bulwark of Azzinoth, increases threat generated by 200% and decreases magic damage taken by 60%, and allows the wearer to bypass a Nightorb's Nightshield. The Nightorb cast Capricious Barrage, Fires a focused barrage of Nightwell energy at a target every 0.5 sec for 2 sec. When defeated, a Time Stop Field is created.
    • Ability bossmagistrix timewarp2.png  Time Stop Field — Create a void in time for 10 sec. Any targets within the void are immune to all damage, stunned, and all their auras, cooldowns, and periodic effects are reduced to nothing.
  • Spell shadow spectralsight.png  Visions of the Dark Titan — Ushers in a glimpse of the end of all things, instantly killing all enemies every second for 15 sec.
  • Spell holy holynova.png  Demonbane — Increases damage taken by 50% for 5 sec. This effect stacks and adds 5 sec to the current duration when stacking.
  • Additional adds that spawn are Soul Fragment of Azzinoth, Demonic Essence, Purified Essence. The Purified Essences can cast Purified Essence, becomes Purified at upon reaching full health, instantly killing all players and applying Demonbane to all enemies.

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It's possible that this is Azzinoth using Illidan's form. This is supported by the Soul Fragments of Azzinoth that spawn using the fight.

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