The Double Hozen Dare

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NeutralThe Double Hozen Dare

Scared Pandaren Cub
Start An Windfur [46.6, 45.8]
End An Windfur
Level 86 (Requires 85)
Category Jade Forest
Experience 110000
Rewards 9g 80s
Previous N [86] Welcome to Dawn's Blossom
Next N [86] The Jade Witch


Rescue 6 Scared Pandaren cubs.

  • Rescue Cubs x6


There is a witch in the woods but no one believes me. She turned my friend Shin into jade!

We were all so scared we tried to run back but she sicked her big jade monsters on us. A bunch of my friends tried to get away by climbing trees.

Can you help me save my friends?


You will receive: 9g 80s


Where is Shin? I didn't see Shin.


Oh thank you so much for helping find my friends. I still don't see Shin though...


  • 110000 XP


Pick up N [86] The Silkwood Road and N [86] The Threads that Stick before heading out. Exit town to the south and take the first right. Silk caches are near trees and spiders are everywhere. Keep heading west in the Silkwood to reach the Forest Heart. An Windfur will join the party and offer N [86] Down Kitty!. Kill tigers and talk to pandaren. Complete both her quests and pick up N [86] The Jade Witch. Kill the Jade Witch, then return to Dawn's Blossom.


  • An Windfur says: I hope the Jade Witch didn't get all my friends. She is super spooky.
  • An Windfur says: You are super brave. Can you teach me to be as brave?
  • An Windfur says: I'm sticking with you. You can be my bodyguard!
Eep! Save me from the monsters!
Gossip It's safe now. You can come down.
  • Scared Pandaren Cub says: It was An! She dared Shin to go knock on the Jade Witch's door.
  • Scared Pandaren Cub says: Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Scared Pandaren Cub says: Next time I see a jade monster I'm gonna punch it in the naughty bits.
  • Scared Pandaren Cub says: I tried to boot a jade monster in the head but hurt my paw.
  • Scared Pandaren Cub says: Please don't tell my parents I was here.

An may chime in on occasion after "saving" cubs:

  • An Windfur says: How did you get up that high?
  • An Windfur says: Make a run for Dawn's Blossom. We'll meet you there!

Or after killing mobs:

  • An Windfur says: How did you get to be so brave?
  • An Windfur says: I really hope it didn't eat any of my friends before you beat it up.

Or getting too close to the Jade Witch Hut:

An Windfur says: Eep! It's the Jade Witch! I need to hide!


Optional breadcrumb: A [86] In Search of Wisdom / H [86] Dawn's Blossom

  1. N [86] Welcome to Dawn's Blossom
  2. N [86] The Double Hozen Dare & N [86] Down Kitty!
  3. N [86] The Jade Witch
  4. N [86] All We Can Spare
  5. N [86] I Have No Jade And I Must Scream
  6. N [86] Mann's Man
  7. N [86] Trapped!
  8. N [86] What's Mined Is Yours
  9. N [86] The Serpent's Heart
  10. N [86] Love's Labor
  11. N [86] The Temple of the Jade Serpent
  12. Complete all of:
    1. N [86] The Librarian's Quandary
    2. N [86] Moth-Ridden & N [86] Pages of History
    3. N [86] Everything In Its Place
  13. N [86] The Jade Serpent

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