NeutralThe Drag
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Type Bonus Objective
Category Vision of Orgrimmar



Entering the area
Inquisitor Gnshal yells: Kill the orc and scour the Drag! All who refuse the master's blood shall suffer!

Kill a Burrowing Appendage and two K'thir Mindcarvers, then Annihilator Lak'hal.

Annihilator Lak'hal whispers: Agony awaits you!
Annihilator Lak'hal whispers: Suffer... forever...
The annihilator defeated
Garona Halforcen says: Unnngh!
  • Garona Halforcen says: I don't feel any pain. Unless I move...
  • Garona Halforcen says: I had things under control... for the most part.
Speaking with Garona
The faceless are dragging civilians out of their homes and forcing them to drink N'Zoth's blood. Any who refuse are tortured and slain.
Some survivors are still hiding throughout the Drag. We need to find them and get them out of Orgrimmar.
Gossip You have my aid. <Help Garona up>
Garona Halforcen says: Let's search the Drag for survivors. I'll conceal any we find while you keep the enemy at bay.
Garona Halforcen says: There's a teleporter on the other side of the Drag. I just hope it still works.

As you move through the area, click on Barricades.

At Gotri's Traveling Gear
Garona Halforcen says: See if there's anyone here.

Gotri is found dead.

Garona Halforcen says: Another casualty. Let's move along.
Garona Halforcen says: Check the tailoring shop and orphanage for survivors. I'll keep watch.

Work your way through the shops and the K'thir Dominators, Faceless Shadowcallers, and Voidbound Ravagers mobs.

At Magar's Cloth Goods
Borya yells: Help! Snang's gone mad!
Snang killed
Borya says: He... was our friend...
Magar says: It was him or us...
At Orgrimmar Orphanage
Orphan Matron Battlewail says: Quickly, young ones. We have to go!
Garona Halforcen says: More blocked-off buildings. Check the leatherworking and engineering workshops. Careful around those explosives!
Kodohide Leatherworkers
Kamari says: Thank the ancestors!
Karolek says: Let's get out of here!
At Nogg's Machine Shop
Nogg says: Don't leave without me!
The rescued NPCs regroup with Garona.
Garona Halforcen says: This isn't good...

Kill Inquisitor Gnshal

Inquisitor Gnshal says: Your screams shall echo in the master's halls!
Inquisitor Gnshal says: We will... never... be silenced...

After the inquisitor is killed, the NPCs run to Droffers And Sons Salvage where goblins built a teleporter. The objective is finished.

Nogg says: There's the teleporter!
Roxxik says: We're up and running! Come on!
Garona Halforcen says: We should be safe now, champion. Remain wary--Thrall's forces are everywhere.
Sasi says: Where are we going?
Orphan Matron Battlewail says: Somewhere safe.
Gogu says: But this is our home...
After a while, the NPCs move inside and teleport away.

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