NeutralThe Dragon's Tale
Start Archmage Khadgar [77.1, 36.9]
End Archmage Khadgar [92.3, 31.4]
Level 100 (Requires 98)
Category Legendary
Experience 15070
Rewards 15g 40s
Previous N [100] Fugitive Dragon
Next N [100] Tarnished Bronze


Follow the trail of clues up the hillside until you discover Kairozdormu in the Time-Lost Glade.


Chromie thinks she's picked up the trail. We suspect that Garrosh traveled through here when he first arrived on Draenor. But what about Kairoz? He must be close.

Chromie will illuminate the clues. Look for a series of temporal anomalies. Follow the trail east of here and pick your way up to the top of the mountains until we've located Kairozdormu... or his body. Good luck!

On accept:

Archmage Khadgar says: The trail will not be easy to follow. Start by heading east.
Chromie says: We'll track you from the air!
Khadgar and Chromie switch to raven and drake form, respectively, as they fly off.


You will receive: 15g 40s


  1. Chromie says: Follow the trail of time anomalies like this. [78.5, 35.5]
  2. Chromie says: Here! It looks like Garrosh came down this way alone after he first arrived on Draenor. But where was Kairoz? [81.0, 35.5]
  3. Archmage Khadgar says: Look at Garrosh. His hands are bound. But he's alone. When did he and Kairoz part ways? [83.2, 36.5]
  4. Up the hill: [86.7, 38.2]
    A level 100 Time-Lost Gordunni Ogre appears and attacks the player.
    Chromie says: Hmmm... That ogre shouldn't be here. Something strange must've happened up on this ridge.
  5. In the Time-Lost Glade: [89.9, 35.7]
    Archmage Khadgar says: Who is that?
    Chromie says: That's Kairoz in disguise. Garrosh killed him! But where was the body?
    Archmage Khadgar says: We must be close!
  6. Kairoz's body: [92.4, 31.6]
    Archmage Khadgar says: Is this him?
    Chromie says: It is. The final resting place of Kairozdormu.
    Archmage Khadgar says: Betrayed by Garrosh the moment they arrived on Draenor.


This solves one riddle. The moment they arrived in Draenor, Garrosh killed his savior.

He left the job unfinished; The dragon's spirit is still restless.

I hope you're ready for a fight.


  • 15070 XP


  1. N [100] Call of the Archmage
  2. N [100D] Spires of the Betrayer
  3. N [100] Khadgar's Task
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N [100D] Tackling Teron'gor
  6. N [100] Eyes of the Archmage
  7. N [100] Fugitive Dragon
  8. N [100] The Dragon's Tale
  9. N [100] Tarnished Bronze
  10. N [100] Power Unleashed
  11. Complete both:
  12. N [100] The Scrying Game
  13. N [100] Hunter: Hunted
  14. N [100] Touch of the Kirin-Tor
  15. Complete all of:
  16. Complete both:
  17. N [100] Prisoner of the Mind
  18. N [100] Orb of Dominion
  19. N [100] Breaking Badness
  20. N [100] To Gul'dan!
  21. N [100] An Inside Job
  22. N [100] The Final Assault
  23. Complete all of:
  24. A [100] Light Be With You / H [100] Draenor's Blessing
  25. N [100R] Darkness Incarnate

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