NeutralThe Duke
Start Baron Sliver
End Duke Lankral
Level 80
Category Icecrown
Experience 2200 (1g 32s at 80)
Reputation Knights of the Ebon Blade +10
Previous The Shadow Vault
Next N [80] Honor Challenge


Speak with Duke Lankral at The Shadow Vault.


We need you focused, <name>. We're barely holding The Shadow Vault as it is. As you can see, we've greatly angered the Lich King.

<The baron chuckles.>

I need you to speak with Duke Lankral. He's in charge here now. You'll find him inside the vault building proper.

Were I you, I would not keep him waiting.


It's a pleasure to finally meet you, <name>. We owe you a great deal, but we're not done with you yet.

There is a vrykul city just over the mountains to the west, a place called Jotunheim.

The vrykul there are in a constant state of challenge to 'ascend'. The winners go to Ymirheim to serve as the Lich King's elite warrior caste, the Ymirjar, and the losers are reduced to Scourged Vargul.

You are going to be my instrument to see to it that more Vargul than Ymirjar emerge.


  1. B [80] It's All Fun and Games
  2. N [80] I Have an Idea, But First...
  3. N [80] Free Your Mind
  4. B [80] If He Cannot Be Turned
  5. B [80] The Shadow Vault
  6. N [80] The Duke
  7. N [80] Honor Challenge
  8. N [80] Shadow Vault Decree
  9. N [80] Get the Key
  10. N [80] Let the Baron Know

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