NeutralThe Elements Call...
Start Thrall
End Thrall
Level 10-45
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Experience 1,500
Rewards 1g 54s
Previous N Shaman [10-45] A Ring Unbroken
Next N Shaman [10-45] Where the Hammer Falls, N Shaman [10-45] The Coming Storm, or N Shaman [10-45] To the Deeps


Speak with Thrall and choose the Artifact you wish to pursue.

  • Choose your artifact


Nobundo is right. Conventional tactics will not work against the Legion - the Broken Shore taught us that. We must scour the world for weapons to use against the Legion!

The Doomhammer is missing and must be recovered. Rehgar and Erunak have some other ideas, as well. Whatever our course, we must act immediately.

Speak with me to go over your options, but the final decision is yours!


You will receive: 1g 54s


Have you made your decision yet?


A good choice. There is no time to lose - let us begin!



Players should pick the artifact for the spec they wish to level to 110, as it will be some time before the others can be acquired.

 [Doomhammer] (and  [Fury of the Stonemother])
The Doomhammer has fallen into the Maelstrom. It would be wise to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
Travel with Thrall into Deepholm to pursue the missing artifact. Beware - the demon Geth'xun also plummeted into the Maelstrom and may still be alive.
 [The Fist of Ra-den] (and  [The Highkeeper's Ward])
The gladiator Rehgar knows of a powerful weapon that may aid us against the Legion.
After the Pandaren Campaign, the weapons of the storm god Ra-den were discovered beneath the Throne of Thunder. They were placed in the care of the White Tiger, who will give them only to one who is worthy. Rehgar will help you prove your worth!
 [Sharas'dal, Scepter of Tides] (and  [Shield of the Sea Queen])
It is said that Queen Azshara wielded a scepter that had command over the sea and the waters of life.
Erunak has long sought the location of this artifact, and one of his shaman was close to finding it when she disappeared. Has she found it? Could the legends be true? What could such an artifact do in the hands of a talented shaman?
Speaking with Thrall
We must each choose our own path.
Gossip What are my options?


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