The Emperor

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NeutralThe Emperor
Start Chen Stormstout [55.9, 49.4]
End Chen Stormstout [55.8, 49.3]
Level 87 (Requires 86)
Category Valley of the Four Winds
Experience 12900
Rewards 1g 2s
Previous N [87] Stormstout's Hops, N [87] The Chen Taste Test, N [87] Barreling Along
Next N [87] Knocking on the Door


Stand by and help Chen Stormstout with his brew.

  • Help Chen brew his beer


We have everything we need. It's time to start brewing.

Pay attention, <name>... you might learn a thing or two.


You will receive: 1g 2s


It takes more than three seconds to make beer, <name>. Even when your name is Chen Stormstout.


Thanks for waiting so long. You are as patient as you are brave.


  • 12900 XP


Brewing takes just a fade to black if you're Chen Stormstout

On accept:

Chen Stormstout says: Very well, <name>. I will need your help making this beer.
Chen Stormstout says: When I yell out the names of ingredients, you throw them in the pot...
Chen Stormstout yells: I am kidding!
Chen Stormstout says: I'm the best brewer across three continents. I think I can handle this part.
Mudmug yells: Damn straight you can!
Chen Stormstout says: If you wouldn't mind waiting, <name>... this might take a long time.
One fade to black later...
Li Li says: That DID take a long time!

This concludes the "Chen's Masterpiece" portion of [Rally the Valley].


  1. N [87] Chen's Resolution
  2. Complete all of:
    • Hops
    1. N [87] Hop Hunting
    2. N [87] Gardener Fran and the Watering Can & N [87] Enough is Ookin' Enough & N [87] Weed War
    3. N [87] Stormstout's Hops
    • Grain
    1. N [87] Li Li and the Grain
    2. N [87] Taste Test & N [87] Out of Sprite & N [87] Wee Little Shenanigans
    3. N [87] The Quest for Better Barley
    4. N [87] The Chen Taste Test
    • Water
    1. N [87] Doesn't Hold Water
    2. N [87] The Great Water Hunt
    3. N [87] Barreling Along
  3. N [87] The Emperor


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